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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Acceptable taux horaire, bon environment

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Très bon lieu de travail je suis en arrêt temporaire qui à mon goût dure un trop longtemps. Vous êtes bien outillés ce qui vous permet de faire du bon travail
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Bad work life balance

Not a good place for senior consultants. If you are a new grad and want to learn then it’s fine. Additionally, managers are very rude so be ready for that
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Company doesn’t care about employees. Management treats like robots

No growth. Never seen management like this. Company or management treats employees as robots. They don’t care anything but for money. Management stay on top of head.

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A lot
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Stressful but supportive management

the customers were the only issue, management was great. the hours were good and being able to work from home is always a bonus. we did not have access to everything so some things were hard to assist with
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It’s stressful place to work doing 100-150 calls per day. Shift timings are not good .long shifts. Management is very good . Team is helpful. Its neutral
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Fast paced and growth opportunities

Good place to start, but a very traditional work environment. However you have the ability to grow within the organization if you work hard. The turnover rate is also high.
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Toxic Environment

It’s super stressful, the TL will tell you ask us anything and we will answer you… and then proceed to answer us 5 hours later, having the employees for their bad team management… overstepping boundaries at all costs. Just a toxic environment. Plus they don’t take part time.
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Opportunity knocking

I've personally capitalized on the fact that Gatestone promotes from within and have moved up several positions in my tenure here. It's definitely a learning environment and many different types of work to gain experience - from Tech Support and Customer Service, Fraud investigation, Collections, etc.
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Professionalism with friendliness

a good place to work but very little growth opportunities, everyone is nice within the company and don’t bother you for nothing, always motivating for improvement
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An amazing place to work at

Loved everything about working here! A lot of opportunity and room for growth. Kind and helpful team members. A lot of employee engagement as well :)))
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Productive and fun place to work

The training was good, we had access to the tools, we could watch people working in production and that helped a lot. The supervisors were very helpful and kind, and the hours and pay were good. Went to working from home after 2 months in the office. It was a happy work environment, people were respectful. The bad thing is the full time schedule varies every month so they can attend the business’ needs.Then they closed the program and let the employees know only 2 days before the closing date, which made people go crazy. Everyone from the program were “ temporary” laid off and no plans to be called back by the company anytime soon.Overall a great company to work for.

Points positifs

Great support, beautiful office, good training.

Points négatifs

Schedule is different every month.
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Not Good

Base Salary. No perks/benefits. No stat pay. Teams leads not cooperative. Pressure to meet targets. No bonus/commission. Only good thing is work from home ease.
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Abandons its workers

If hours suddenly become short, they waste no time cutting back, to the extremes, rather than repositioning their people. This company provided rather poor initial training but concluded with harsh critiques on a weekly basis on personal performance; regardless of your work ethic or attention to detail. If it's not verbatim to the script, it's wrong.

Points positifs

Paid 30min lunch, respects a few minutes after difficult calls

Points négatifs

Breaks are excessivly regulated and are not provided much time for bathroom breaks.
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Don’t go there, specially to Chairish

What is the best part of working at the company?Working from home. Nothing else the current management is HORRIBLE What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Management andondian people trying to teach workforce like slaves What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Horrible, don’t go there Specially to Chairish What is a typical day like for you at the company?Extremely stressful, horribly micromanaged
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Would be decent if they weren't manipulative

There's a lot I can say, but I think the most helpful thing I can share is that they will stick everything they can from you and have no problem taking your bonuses when the company isn't doing well.
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Productive and fun workplace

Overall good working environment with great people and management. Wfh opportunity, I learnt a lot in my short time there. Great experience I must say. T
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Worst experience

The management is totally unorganized. Never loved to be the part of gatestone. Feels like nightmare. Always got less than my performance they never appreciated.
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Basically it’s like a Labour job

NOC B is the only advantage nothing less nothing more.Roaster is inconvenient. Micromanagement practices to core any pressure job routine.commute to the office is not very easy specially in winter time since not located in a highly populated area.No shops or stores near.

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Great co workers but too much work

Working a gatestone is great at first until you realize how much phone calls you take. Expect the phone to ring every 3-5 minutes and if its a busy day, nearly one after the other. If you don’t mind talking on the phone this job will be great for you.
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They do not Accomodate.

They over hired for my original position and to compensate they shuffled my class around to different positions within the company. This meant we had to do more training, and while we were allowed to complete the technical training from home, our "nesting" was to be in office. At the time my fiance and I were going through a financial hardship and I requested accomodation as I was not able to afford going in office for "nesting". The upper managements response was "Tough luck, make it work."

Points positifs

Bottom rung staff is nice.

Points négatifs

Shifts change weekly, not guaranteed 40 hours, upper management is not accommodating.
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good work environment

good work environment and support, work from home is good, pay is not enough for the complexity, stress, and volume of calls and training is not efficient enough to prepare (and could realistically be done from home)

Points positifs

work from home

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