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North York, ON90 avis

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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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The office ambience is nice but you can also WFM. The callers can be a handful. Management can be very unorganized. For example, when they forgot to increase my rate after switching from Unilingual to Bilingual. Instead of apologizing, they told me that my new rate wouldn’t apply until later when I already worked 3 weeks as Bilingual. HR is rude and untrustworthy despite miscommunication issues coming from their end. Luckily the top manager fixed everything. The good only slightly overpowers the bad.
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Wasted Day! Ancient Systems Made Me Want to Scream

Let me tell you, their systems are ancient. We're talking older than a flip phone! They're so slow, it's like using dial-up again. I spent half my day just trying to get things to work. It was a constant battle with outdated technology. By the time I finally accomplished something, I was ready to tear my hair out!
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Great place to work

Amazing experience duting the time i worked with Gatestone. Great management and team mates to work with. The work might seem a bit tricky in the beginning.
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I felt stuck in a rut all day!

The work is repetitive beyond belief. Same problems, same solutions, day in and day out. You won't learn anything new or use your brain much. Say goodbye to any career growth!
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Pathetic managers. Worst management. Taking advantage of employees.

What is the best part of working at the company?Worst company ever. No best partWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Management is pathetic. Never listen to employeesWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Micro management, and worst cultureWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Stressful, boring, no bonding.
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Crazy company

The company is weird even though it’s a work from home setup you have zero help from the management no one bothers helping you when at work. And they expect you to work like robots nonstop and still find tiny mistakes to ruin your day with unnecessary comments. 1000% stresses you out completely
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Management is unreasonable and doesn't care

The salary here is terrible despite the work-from-home setup, and the management is also horrible. the worst part is that the management does not care. So, any feedback or constructive criticism that employees give to the managers don't result in anything. It's basically just a waste of time trying to reason with the managers, so don't bother.

Points positifs

My position is a work from home one.
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Will take your commission

I was going to get a 4000.00 commission when they decided to move me the day I was supposed to call a customer back to a different team so I wouldn't get my commission pay.

Points positifs

Cakes for birthday

Points négatifs

Will take your commission
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Terribly mortifying and stressful

I was suprised with the rate they offered for the position not knowing how much workload I'd have to work on daily! It was an insane amount that never ends!! It was terribly motifying and stressful not to mention the management who harasses us with deadlines!!!

Points positifs

Anyone applying for this job gets a higher pay rate, but beware of how much work you'd actually have to do!
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Working here was a complete waste of my time

I had to put with gargantuan workloads and insane deadlines just to chase after a terrible salary! Working literally anywhere else would be far more lucrative and far less exhausting than working at Gatestone.
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The managers should fix their horrible attitudes

My advice to the management: fix your HORRIBLE ATTITUDES! The work environment is already stressful enough, but the constant yelling and rude attitude of the managers do not help at all! They only make us feel worse and burn out faster with their toxic and problematic style of leadership. If the management improves, then this company will follow.

Points positifs

The benefits are great even though the pay is subpar.
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Typical call centre

Worst to no management in the company at all. Stressful atmosphere. Close to 400 calls on a regular basis. Nothing to learn on a daily basis just repetitive work all day.
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There is a lot of gaslighting going on amongst management

Greed at the top. Upper management does not keep their word on anything they say. They rely very heavily on contractors, often requiring those individuals to work 12+ hour days to get the job done. Between general gaslighting and disarray of leadership, to specific mismanagement, I consistently felt disrespected and undervalued. Where do I stop? This place is toxic. I highly recommend looking elsewhere.

Points positifs

Met some great people and formed some great work relationship with my team.
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The toxic attitude made work more awful and stressful.

Making us work more than what we could handle is an outright abuse but management couldn't care less about that! The toxic attitude of the manager and senior made work more awful and stressful.
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Beware of the managers!

Beware of the managers!! They are manipulative liars who will gaslight you into thinking that you're the one who makes mistakes and not them. The management is good at using employees as scapegoats and the passing on the blame to others. You will surely hate it here because of the awful leadership and environment.
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Worst-Working Hours and Terrible Job Security Made People Leave Early

I didn't have a good experience here, and that's the reason I was happy to leave as quickly as I could. The working hours were so brutally long that I was too exhausted to go anywhere but home after the work hours were over. There was also poor job security, as anyone could be fired at any time by the moody and arrogant management. Avoid it if you prefer to remain stress- free and want job security!

Points positifs

I am sure you can spend hours and still not find any.
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Toxic attitude had been coming in like a plague

All management did was turn a blind eye on issues occurring in the office, where toxic attitude had been coming in like a plague! It was the worst work environment I've ever been!

Points positifs

No one would ever get bored, because of the interesting insane people surrounding you all day everyday!
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Bad workplace and staff

My time in the company was completely work from home was the only good thing i can say about it. Staff is unorganized and not very helpful in a growth perspective. My job title said FSR but duties or job role was more suited to a collections clerk , IRCC also rejected this job letter stating this is collections job and not FSR. Would not recommend one bit.
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Unappreciated and Stagnant Work Situation

The memories are undeniably unpleasant, to the point where I had to take a break from it all. Despite investing my time, skills, and efforts into the company, I was consistently undervalued and compensated inadequately. It was disheartening to see the founder's lack of appreciation for the hard work put in by the employees, leaving us feeling exploited and unacknowledged. His closed-mindedness hindered progress and stifled innovation, ultimately resulting in a stagnant work environment. It was disheartening to witness the dismissal of fresh ideas and suppression of creativity, solely due to the founder's unwarranted arrogance.
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Terrible management doesn't care about employees or their professional growth

THE MANAGEMENT WAS AWFUL AT MEETING EMPLOYEE EXPECTATIONS AND REWARDING THEM FOR ALL THE STRESSFUL, BRUTAL, OR EXHAUSTING HOURS THEY PUT IN. Most employees were getting ridiculous compensation and looking for options elsewhere. The work ambiance was also toxic, as people from different departments were hostile and played evil games. It was terrible and the worst job experience!
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The behavior and attitudes of the leaders fostered a constant feeling of dread and unease.

The atmosphere in the workplace was noxious and stifling, with the CEO operating like a tyrant, and the management staff made up of contemptible individuals who appeared to take pleasure in their oppressive conduct. Their behavior and attitudes towards the employees fostered a constant feeling of dread and unease, resulting in a significant rise in depression rates among the staff.
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