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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Acceptable taux horaire, bon environment

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Très bon lieu de travail je suis en arrêt temporaire qui à mon goût dure un trop longtemps. Vous êtes bien outillés ce qui vous permet de faire du bon travail
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Awful Management

Management was completely unorganized and often unfair. Once had a manager say to our entire group: "You have a job, you should try being good at it." Because numbers were not accurate due to lack of training. Staying, you can rise in the company, but they will not train you appropriately.
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Employees are given a lot of demands while being underpaid

Employees are given incredibly stressful workloads and asked to meet ridiculous expectations, but aren't even paid half of what they do. I find it ridiculous that this company has the gall to demand so much from us but can't even be bothered to give proper compensation.

Points positifs

There's no reason why anyone should waste their time working for this company.
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Work life balance, no opportunities, unfairness

After years working there, no opportunities. They give no chances as well after mistakes, without evaluating either the employee made the mistake on purpose or not.
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An excellent atmosphere where people are treated with empathy and resoect

What is the best part of working at the company?Great training and work atmosphere What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The normal stressors found in any workplaceWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?It is an environment that is fueled by mutual respect What is a typical day like for you at the company?A regular eight hour work day schedule.
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Truly one of the most relaxed and inclusive environments where I felt like the managers and trainers are more like a knowledgeable understanding friends.There is no hard part that in this job for a person open to listen
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work life balance, cooperative, Team work.

Management is very cooperative and helpful. If you make a mistake, they coach. Sometimes it gets busy, but it is very easy to handle if you know things. The supervisor helps you in any situation. Very good environment.
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good place

good place to work atfriendly environment hours are not badhas some health benefits offers work from homemanagement easy to work withmust be bilingual
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Good but not too good

Everything is good, the management is so hands-on, we can exchange shifts, filing leave easy as long you advanced it. They will teach you if you do something wrong, and definitely gives a lot of chance when you do wrong.
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Wasted Day! Ancient Systems Made Me Want to Scream

Let me tell you, their systems are ancient. We're talking older than a flip phone! They're so slow, it's like using dial-up again. I spent half my day just trying to get things to work. It was a constant battle with outdated technology. By the time I finally accomplished something, I was ready to tear my hair out!
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Horrible management

Very deorganized company and management. They provide very low salary and after working with them 6 months they will surprise you with more and more tasks without raise . Horrible schedules with 9 hours of work and being not able to choose your schedule even if u had a disability.
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Great place to work

Amazing experience duting the time i worked with Gatestone. Great management and team mates to work with. The work might seem a bit tricky in the beginning.
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Good workmates and job was alright. However it's when higher ups micromanage a team to the point that sometimes management have contradicting ideas making this job terrible.
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I felt stuck in a rut all day!

The work is repetitive beyond belief. Same problems, same solutions, day in and day out. You won't learn anything new or use your brain much. Say goodbye to any career growth!
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good place

they always give room for improvement. the team leaders are very nice . the only issue is that no benefits until after 1 year of working (that is a very long time ) the call durations are long so in day i handle about 7 - 10 calls in day
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Pathetic managers. Worst management. Taking advantage of employees.

What is the best part of working at the company?Worst company ever. No best partWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Management is pathetic. Never listen to employeesWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Micro management, and worst cultureWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Stressful, boring, no bonding.
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Bad work life balance

Not a good place for senior consultants. If you are a new grad and want to learn then it’s fine. Additionally, managers are very rude so be ready for that
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Transparent management

Dialing customer to collect the debt they owe.Workplace culture is friendly. Transparent management. Hardest part is to meet the goals every month because every month is not as good as other one. Overall good place to work with supportive people around.

Points positifs

Transparency, supportive work culture

Points négatifs

Meeting targets along with maintaining quality is must
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Crazy company

The company is weird even though it’s a work from home setup you have zero help from the management no one bothers helping you when at work. And they expect you to work like robots nonstop and still find tiny mistakes to ruin your day with unnecessary comments. 1000% stresses you out completely
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Management is unreasonable and doesn't care

The salary here is terrible despite the work-from-home setup, and the management is also horrible. the worst part is that the management does not care. So, any feedback or constructive criticism that employees give to the managers don't result in anything. It's basically just a waste of time trying to reason with the managers, so don't bother.

Points positifs

My position is a work from home one.
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Company doesn’t care about employees. Management treats like robots

No growth. Never seen management like this. Company or management treats employees as robots. They don’t care anything but for money. Management stay on top of head.

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Points négatifs

A lot
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