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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Ça été très agréable de travailler avec GateStone! On ressent le support de la chef d’équipe et du superviseur. Les appels sont parfois stressants mais en général c’est très agréable.

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Beau local . Possibilité de télétravail.

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Avantages sociaux après 1 an.
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Easy and simple job

it was stressful at first and still is at times but as long as u are sure of urself and dont pressure urself u should be great, it's not that demanding although it can feel like it at times where the calls are too high volume. good luck!! :D
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Extremely stressful and rude management

Honestly speaking i have just been hired and have been trained recently, but it is extremely stressful and inconsistent hours, Rude management, its study more than work. You need to be cold hearted not introvert or have sensitive mind. Too many burden of modules, courses bookish studies. No one helps, and they treat every employee as their dog or slaves. No one appreciates your hard work and time you invest into it. This is worst company to work with. I work as technical support representative here and you need to use lot of tools, make notes, and lot of other things and they expect employees are robots they got no heart or feelings. You need to be emotional less to work here. This company uses people just for their sake. Stress is beyond expectations. I will never recommend anyone to work in this fast paced as well as stressful environment. This will be my worst work experience in Canada being an immigrant. I have past work experiences but this will be worst I can ever have. You will be mentally destroyed. Please i am here to warn others who crave for NOC b jobs or field jobs. I have struggled for 3 years and got this but actually there are lot more great opportunities out there. You will start hating your life and you won’t be able to balance between your life and work.

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Points négatifs

Mental pressure, extremely stressful, long hours, inconsistent schedule, rude management, rude customers, no self respect, no help
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Fun and some times stressful

Schedule was very odd. 9 hour shift had two 15 min paid breaks and 1 hour unpaid break. Shift timing was odd because it went till 1 am. Stressful call centre environment.
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Keep searching, there's way better out there...

Overworked, WAY underpaid, they will bluntly lie to you and then when things get back they will make it seem like you did wrong. Extremely poorly managed company. Do no waste your precious time working there. This company does not care about the employees well being!
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Poor work and management

I didn’t really like my experience, the calls are overwhelming and the support system or help is not really there. You basically have to figure it out yourself. Very long hours, odd breaks, management is not really supportive. You get hired as full time but get part time hours with no justification.
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Unpleasant culture and work environment

The company culture and work environment in this company are unpleasant. The managers do not know how to lead the employees. Their management style is very poor, and they are unable to build a proper culture of teamwork and collaboration. I honestly cannot think of any reasons why the current managers are still aren't being replaced, especially considering how ineffective they are at their job. Pros:It's a decent company to jumpstart your career and gain some experience in the industry.
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Top management is not good, only care about money not staff. But team was great.

The Salary and benefit was the worst. Salary was really low compare with market and benefit is terrible as well. Management is terrible and rude. They don't care any their employees but just money. Luckily, I had a great team. I really like the team, we treated each other with respect and we were like a family.
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Read the review below if you want to know what to expect!

The management style is micromanagement. Anytime you make a mistake 3 people have to know. You get paid bare minimum $16 an hour. Worked there 6 months no raise still making $16.False promises of promotions that never fall through unless if your buddies with someone in management. Promotions that come with extra work and no extra money very manipulating and unjust! Don`t expect any work life balance as the hours are unpredictable. Run while you can as they will keep you at $16 hour doing all the supervisors work at the same rate saying you are an asset.If you need money and you cannot find anything better I would say work this job until you find something better.
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Stressful,Poor pay,High expectations

stressful job,poor pay,high expectations,All calls are new and you have to think A LOT for an almost minimum pay job to solve the issues,then again there is new call.then handling the customers and meeting expectations,overall very hard
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No work from home guyss!!! Its a lie

They try to attract people saying is remote but its not they put a bonus regarding your performance but theres no bonuses!!!! And no coaching !!!!! Lots of promises but none of them is actually respectedUnrealistic expectations from them please for the love of god dont go youll find better I promise
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steady work collections can be stressful

steady job to get work. not enough pay. clients yelling at you typical collections job. fast pace training lots to remember, helpful managers. friendly coworkers, work from home plus
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Keep looking and you'll find better

The environment is somewhat TOXIC! It's a write up environment, hit their unrealistic expectations or be written up and written out. There is enough stress waiting for the new contract, but to threaten your job every day makes it a very hostile environment. New employees quit as soon as they hit the floor once they see the environment.
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Don't Believe them!

Gatestone is a company that will promote team work, internal growth and efficiency, but is NOT true! they will tell you verbally you will get a promotion and praise you, but it's still not a guarantee. Promotion is only based on company NEEDS, so good luck for the hard workers who wish to grow fast ! The system switch every day since they always search a way to save money and make the job harder on us and be ready to be on tech issue often ! Be ready to see new faces every week since people come and goes

Points positifs

-good pay -good co-worker -nice building

Points négatifs

long hours - micromanaged - not appreciated -benefit after 1 year full-time
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Stuck in cubicle for hours

God forbid you stand up to go the the bathroom before 3 managers come to you and ask why you aren't at your desk, workplace culture was friendly i learned alot about being hard
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They Don't Make it Easy To Work There

A million different policies in which none are followed, no job security, insane amount of work you are required to complete in a day for minimum wage. Management will throw you a bone just to make you think you can do it. I would not recommend this job to anyone.

Points positifs

Most of the co-workers are in the same boat as you, so they understand what you are going through.
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Poor Payout, no work life balance

They work for different clients. I used to work for kohl’s. I worked 4 months. Stressful work environment. Minimum payment 15/hrs. 10 hrs shift with 1 hour break. You need to do makeup hour for holidays. Typical call centre environment. Hire mostly fresh graduates who are looking for noc B job. No benefits before you complete 1 year with the company. High turnover rate. Bonus is only $100 if you meet your monthly goals.
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Management isn’t that good

The job itself is Extremely easy to do but mid management, supervisors transform this cool job into a nightmare by doing extreme micromanagement, BIASED supervisors by favorite some agents over the other’s by redirect the calls which include the accounts that has big amount of money to those agent’s and then complaining that the other agent’s aren’t collecting efficiently!You might be handling tremendous amount of customers and collect all the money you have to BUT the total promise amount you collect is no way near the amounts that has been made by other agents (who has been on the favorite list of supervisors)In addition to that, they will blame you for not collecting well!Salary was okay for an Entry Level agent. However they think they are the only one who offers this Salary while mostly all other agencies/Companies do!Co workers are nice and upper management are nice too i don’t even think they know what’s going on down there.If you are planning to work there just don’t trust your team leader or supervisors, JUST DON’T.Training wasn’t the best and also help after training especially first day on the floor is extremely bad of-course because of the mid management, they will always pretend they are busy doing other stuff, just go to the office and you will notice they are just hanging out here and there with each other.

Points positifs

Work from home, easy tasks, co workers

Points négatifs

You have to go one day a week (sometimes more) to the office and mid management
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Very stressful environment to work in.

You are overworked & underpaid.You are micromanaged, NOT RESPECTED, VALUED OR APPRECIATED.They keep adding to your responsibilities.You are subjected to harassment by management.A HORRIBLE COMPANY TO WORK FOR!

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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good place to work

the company is okay..they pay you minimum and long hours of have no personal life at all.but the management is good and everyone is supportive if you want to learn
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Stressful and toxic workplace!!!!

This company hires u easilly and simply dismisses u easilly as well! They dont care to train you properperly for the minimum wage paying job u are required to do so much work with liitle support. The training is usually very rushed and managment is very unprofessional and unsupportive. My advice dont just apply for the title because they trick you into applying for the job and the tile will say something and the job will be completely diffrent! was the worst trainner to be honest!!!!!!! The trainers and management are very selective!!!! My education and skills exceeds their jobs requirements instead of changing my department they simply dismissed ......

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Points négatifs

collections cold calling constantly, minimum wage, no proper training
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