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Collections Agent (Montréal, QC)

le 23 mars 2024
Good workmates and job was alright. However it's when higher ups micromanage a team to the point that sometimes management have contradicting ideas making this job terrible.

Collection Agent (North York, ON)

le 13 février 2024
I was going to get a 4000.00 commission when they decided to move me the day I was supposed to call a customer back to a different team so I wouldn't get my commission pay.

Collections Agent (North York, ON (Canada) )

le 4 septembre 2023
Making us work more than what we could handle is an outright abuse but management couldn't care less about that! The toxic attitude of the manager and senior made work more awful and stressful.

Collections Agent (North York, ON )

le 1 juin 2023
The memories are undeniably unpleasant, to the point where I had to take a break from it all. Despite investing my time, skills, and efforts into the company, I was consistently undervalued and compensated inadequately. It was disheartening to see the founder's lack of appreciation for the hard work put in by the employees, leaving us feeling exploited and unacknowledged. His closed-mindedness hin...

Collections Agent (North York, ON (Canada))

le 8 mars 2023
The atmosphere in the workplace was noxious and stifling, with the CEO operating like a tyrant, and the management staff made up of contemptible individuals who appeared to take pleasure in their oppressive conduct. Their behavior and attitudes towards the employees fostered a constant feeling of dread and unease, resulting in a significant rise in depression rates among the staff.
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