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Très bien dans mon emploi, bonne communication entre les patrons et employer

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management is not a where of the toxic environment they put there employees in or they do not care. there is no help for the team when some one passes from the community, this builds on a person.
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Very insensitive employers

I just totally regret that I applied as screening point officer at Garda. They never tell you everything during the hiring process. They have terrible hiring process.
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good company to work on, Gardaworld outshined the rest, providing a positive culture, strong pay and benefits, flexibility, and much more. Best security guard company
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Good money but terrible company

Money is good at first but eventually won’t be enough. Management is a joke & the union does absolutely nothing for you. Do not try to retire here, the pension is super trash & you’ll be forced to work for the rest of your life. Use this job as a ladder, either grow with the company or find a better job but don’t stay here long term
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Good job to start out

Good company to start out in Security field. They have lots of sites available so you will always be able to find shifts for yourself. In office job is becoming more stressful howeved due to their constant push to get a single person to do two person job after they cut down staffing.
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Être agent de Best ils sont mal organisés il réfléchit sur place les ordres et ils ne sont jamais sûr de se qu’ils veulent qu’on fasse les directives changer a chaque fois

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Beaucoup d’heures

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Truly what a disappointment. Couldn't even get paid on time or even the right amount. Management and HR was a mess and even couldnt be of help anytime.
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La marque générique

J'ai fait mon permis ici. TRÈS mauvaise gestion dans la compagnie et souvent dans les contrats. Salaire de base en sécurité et parfois mauvais collègues mais OK pour commencer.
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Do not work for this company

I've worked at GW for 8 years and to make this short this company will use you until your worth nothing, GW will undervalue your experiences, the pay for a supervisor role or even a operation manager is the biggest joke of all time. whenever they mentioned that your might get performance bonuses that's a lie they will find everything wrong with you just so they don't pay it. To save money this company will put you in a supervisor or even operational manager role and not pay you accordingly but when you ask them about it they will tell you it's great learning experience and they don't have acting pay ( I've seen some people in acting roles for more than 12 months). During slow times they will lay off managers and workers with the most experience to save money but beg for them to come back when the busy time of year picks up. to some this all up, I would go work anywhere else before returning to work for this company. save yourself they will hire anyone trust me... you will be stuck working with people who barely speak English and that couldn't even count until 10.

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long hours, undervalued, GW cares only about profit and not employee satisfaction. poor work equipment Directors are a joke
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Employés a numéro

Rien d'autre qu'une agence de placement. L'équipe de répartition, et la direction changent constamment., puisque les étudiants en tech policière sont favorisés pour les postes de répartiteurs. Même si on est de bons agents, nous sommes que des numéros servant à combler des postes, qu'importe toutes les attestations et certifications que nous avons... notre plein potentiel n'est pas valorisé, ni apprécié par le bureau... aucune possibilité d'avancement, même si on se retrouve dans des postes avec de grandes responsabilités en matière de sécurité

Points positifs

Davantage rémunéré si nous acceptons des postes avec km payés

Points négatifs

Doit être disponible 24/7
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Poor pay, prefer quantity over quality, favoritism

Union is useless just charging fees of 30$ every pay cheque unnecessarily. They never help guards In getting decent pay rates, almost no overtime. When they need you in emergency then always pressuring you to work extra. Senior guards who making 1$ more hourly will get fired just to be replaced by someone who makes minimum wage, doesn't know their rights like paid sick days, lesser benefits, boots reimbursement, etc. Management will never tell you such things always hide or lie to make more bonuses for themselves. Always pay discrepancies and funny thing is guards always get paid less. With system error Garda never pays more lol

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Low pay for guards because executives/managers making over 100k a year, no overtime, bad union, no bonus for working nights or weekends, favoritism
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Toxic and goodbye to sleep

People are always around to try and write you up for stupidest things, they always be messing up your pay and overall toxic environment. You can also say goodbye to your sleep with the amazing hours they give
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Good place to work and learn more

Great place to work and growth your skill also the pay is good as well the management are very helpful. I really enjoyed working with garda I have gained alot of experience
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nene donne pas les directives pour le travail à faire ,toujours dans l inconnu .

Points positifs

jamais eue

Points négatifs

mal renseigné
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Belle environnement de travail

Travailler à l'hôpital j'adore mais les supérieurs ne sont pas à l'écoute lorsque qu'il y a un conflit avec un collègue

Points positifs

Horaire de 12h de suite

Points négatifs

Collègue supérieur
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Do not recommend

The job as a screening officer is fine the problem is that management and workplace culture is terrible. The hardest part of the job is dealing with management. You have a problem it’s not us attitude!!! Toxic workplace with rumours and innuendos flying faster than flys to manure. They have many people in management that can’t answer a problem head on and will juggle your problem like a hot potato!!! This is where the union has to be informed and that can take months to solve. Tons of payroll discrepancies!!!
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managementworkplace culturethe hardest part of the jobthe most enjoyable part of the jobDO NOT include confidential company information or personally identifiable information, such as names.
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What is the best part of working at the company?putting my best as the the team led make me happy because I give my best. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?the stressful part is when you keep working with the same people who do not want you to get it wright for an organization. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?when you work in an environment where all thing are available and friendly for you to explored, you will be very Happy .What is a typical day like for you at the company?it is a very busy day, where we need to stay focus with my place of work and to get the best out for the day.
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Unorganized and horrible managers

They mess up your pay always. SPMs are dogwater. Senior colleagues don’t care about work. This company has stupid rules and stupid management. Messing up my pay always made me quit instantly. But working with colleagues was great. Made some nice friends here.
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Easy and flexible job

Very easy job, pay is decent. Good job out of highschool/college for getting experience.very flexible job. Always able to get most days off or pick up more days
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