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2,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Très bien dans mon emploi, bonne communication entre les patrons et employer

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Do not recommend

The job as a screening officer is fine the problem is that management and workplace culture is terrible. The hardest part of the job is dealing with management. You have a problem it’s not us attitude!!! Toxic workplace with rumours and innuendos flying faster than flys to manure. They have many people in management that can’t answer a problem head on and will juggle your problem like a hot potato!!! This is where the union has to be informed and that can take months to solve. Tons of payroll discrepancies!!!
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managementworkplace culturethe hardest part of the jobthe most enjoyable part of the jobDO NOT include confidential company information or personally identifiable information, such as names.
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What is the best part of working at the company?putting my best as the the team led make me happy because I give my best. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?the stressful part is when you keep working with the same people who do not want you to get it wright for an organization. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?when you work in an environment where all thing are available and friendly for you to explored, you will be very Happy .What is a typical day like for you at the company?it is a very busy day, where we need to stay focus with my place of work and to get the best out for the day.
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Unorganized and horrible managers

They mess up your pay always. SPMs are dogwater. Senior colleagues don’t care about work. This company has stupid rules and stupid management. Messing up my pay always made me quit instantly. But working with colleagues was great. Made some nice friends here.
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Easy and flexible job

Very easy job, pay is decent. Good job out of highschool/college for getting experience.very flexible job. Always able to get most days off or pick up more days
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Environnement très bien

J’ai aimé travailler avec les agent de cusm le monde son gentil génial agréable

Points positifs

Le monde est génial

Points négatifs

Il pardonne pas
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Not recommended

-Good pay but no room for growth-Management is not good-Schedule flexibility-Seniority based-Unionized environment-work as much you can -early morning shifts
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Okay job

The job was okay. As a floater you could pick up shifts. Its an easy job compared to others. Basic things such as access control,foot and video surveillance.
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not very nice

they gave me hours, but they take them away because they had a mistake when looking for gaurds accident hire too much, this happed more then one time, even if they try to get you to go asap,
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Goodbye sleep

It’s a great job for the pay and only needing your high school education but get ready to get minimal hours of sleep when you work until 7:30pm and then have to be at work for 3:30am the next day or working full time at 3:30am can take a toll on your body and lifestyle and if you want full time, sometimes your only option is the 3:30am shift as there are only the two different shifts 3:30am-11:30am or 11:30-7:30
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Paychecks always clear

Garda suffers from the same problems the entire security industry suffers from. Poor management, low pay and often difficult working environments where you don't feel supported. But there is always work, they will hire about anyone, and the checks always arrive.
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fun place

good place to work, good wages given. overall good company to start your career in. Keep looking best for opportunity and do get all benefit's advantages of other license s and certification which are provided free of cost and are all paid by how much time you will invest in the trainin
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Decent company to work for.

Pay is decent, can work up to 60 hours a week. A lot of hours at the airport. Unionized position with some room to grow. Colleagues are nice to work. People are friendly.
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Good Company

GardaWorld is very similar to most private security companies, very money and results driven....but what company isnt. Management team could use more people for the workload but they do try their best for what they have. Friendly people just trying to make it through the day
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Lots of breaks but can be boring, pay is a little bit too low for the job that we have protecting planes and feels like we are taken advantage. A couple bucks more per hour would make the job a lot more tolerable
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Capacité de se tenir debout plus de 5h de temps veiller sur elle clients et assurer la sécurité des biens publics
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Great Customer Services Experiences at YYZ Terminals

* Learned a lot of customer service experience at YYZ terminals and hangar 5 security and access control;* Explorer's truly helping hands world travellers with true love peace respect;* The management team is very helpful; * The workplace culture is very friendly; * The hardest part is less the pay rate; * The most enjoyable part of the job is working with friendly partnership companies and stakeholders.

Points positifs

Human's Customer Services Experiences

Points négatifs

Less pay rate?
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Fun workplace

Management is always supportive and has work life balance, starting seems a bit of difficult where we need to work in different site until they find us a permanent place. Ongoing growth opportunities and training within the company
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Culture d'entreprise quasi absente, absence d'accompagnement et de reconnaissance

Management absent.Culture d'entreprise quasi absente.Aucun accompagnement par la RH durant les premiers jours et aucun parcours d'intégration.Environnement de travail pas très agréable : stresse, manque de respect entre collègues,Absence de reconnaissance du travail accompli.Outils de travail non fournis dès la prise de poste.

Points positifs

Heures supplémentaires payées

Points négatifs

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Masha Allah very good new and Sunday is holiday

Alhamdulillah learned a lot and the management is also very good and the difficult part of the work is during the loadshedding time which means evening time is very good good good timing.

Points positifs

Freel unch

Points négatifs

9 hours of work
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