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Security Guard564 avis
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2,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Treated as a body, no "good job" just there to fulfill a contract, no real training, job moral is at an all time low, if you wish to succeed then it is a battle with false promises and hopes destroyed

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No sense of accomplishment
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Only work here if you need money

The job is pretty boring for the most part. If you need to make money without breaking a sweat, come to this company. You won't ever hear from managemant again once you're given a location to work. Work, get paid, work, get paid. Its that simple

Points positifs

Its easy to find a place to work.

Points négatifs

Finding a location to work at Garda is easy for a reason...
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Worst company to work for

They always cancel your shifts last minute, they laught at you when you are in the phone because they scheduled 2 people for the same ours. Hard to communicate with anyone. Have been trying to get a new shirt and winter coat for a year and it never got resolved
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Okay as a floater

Floater with lots of flexibility and hours. Overtime has to be approved by your supervisor or manager. As a floater you get to learn alot as you work in different environments from corporate offices to commercial sites and condos. Pay sucks but lots of downtime which makes up for the low pay. Some sites pay more others pay minimum wage.
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No hours Not enough pay

Garda doesn’t have as many contacts as they used too. Hours are not always full time. The pay absolutely sucks for someone who lives alone and or single parent.

Points positifs

It’s a job

Points négatifs

Not full time
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Nah stay away from this place and you’ll be happy

They put you in stress with low pay and don’t help you when there are problems on their sites. Your job is to observe, deter and report it should not be to run around after patients.

Points positifs

Stress work environment

Points négatifs

Low pay
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Great Place to work so far

So far I love this company lots of help support understanding good wage travelers allowance if needing to travel benefits room for advancement great management team great site management good hours

Points positifs

Room for advancement caring company

Points négatifs

Don't always get a call back when needing things like reports or days off
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worst workplace ever

Absolutely no direction from management or job site instructions. Then they get mad if you don't do it perfectly. They literally ghosted me for a month after agreeing to transfer me. Not one email was replied to. They didn't even reply to my letter of resignation. STRONGLY recommend working with anyone else.

Points positifs

might get paid decent

Points négatifs

no communication, no direction, no advancement, no room for growth
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Nice people

This company will put you on the same site daily, and when I needed a solid schedule they gave me one. If a new site came up that might fit me, they would phone me and offer it. The people in the office were friendly and upbeat, never bossy or arrogant like I've seen a lot with other companies. I worked for them all of 2022 and would apply to them again.Uniforms are good quality and look professional.

Points positifs

sites to fit the guard, same site daily, scheduling, staff and guards very friendly.
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Disorganized and extremely unstable job to hold. Sites are given based on seniority, so don’t expect to be able to pay all the bills with this job. Low pay, low morale.
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productive and fun workplace

good management, great work culture will meet a lots of people from a different background. the hardest part of the job is to work long hours sometimes in an isolated environment.
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Not good

Nothing to say, but overall there customer service is really bad, i mean the worst. They don’t even reply to my emails, when i came back from India after my vacation

Points positifs

Nothing free

Points négatifs

Not good pay
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Lack of???

I worked for Gardaworld for a year and during that time I worked 2 different work sites. They wanted very detailed paperwork for one jobsite. Even when nothing happened. The other jobsite was okay. I barely saw any management unless I went down to the office. Only saw supervisor a few times during my time with them. You're alone on sites so it can get very boring.

Points positifs

Free uniform

Points négatifs

Long hours, poor pay
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They try to get job as much as possible without thinking of handling that

Happened couple time they gave me job sites far from each other without vehicle so I had to use mine and garda supervisor didn’t care.very poor on HR consulting.

Points positifs

Some time free parking
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Good for students

Good for students if you get a good week-end contract. Officers are good people, but i guess it depends on the contract. Also great oppurnities to find work close to your home, since there are contracts pretty much everywhere.
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Not exciting slow pace, managers are not helpful team is good but the supervisor don't communicate , I dont recommend working for Garda overall pay is low
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Run away.

Horrible company. Zero training. Management is clueless. Maybe if you don’t speak English, have an IQ less than 80, or have no desire to advance it’s a good fit.

Points positifs

Pretty sweet used uniforms.

Points négatifs

Pay, management, treatment.
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Decent employer and pay

GardaWorld is a solid employer for entry into security. They hold multiple contracts so finding shifts should not be a problem. Management can sometimes overlook the work that frontline staff do.
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Good Company

Good Company to work as a security guard. Lots of work opportunities and career advancement options.Also, Great place if you only want to do part time.
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You work hard for your money and don't miss work.

Typical of Security work, you are representing the company so do your utmost best to understand your duties and DO it. As long as there are hours and you are available you will get shifts.

Points positifs

If you are ready to work your hours you will get it.

Points négatifs

Security guard work doesn't pay much overall.
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Uncomfortable Environment

Overall, this company is a below-decent company to work for. I can say that the pair is rather fair, but that's about it. I had VERY uncomfortable experiences with a specific site supervisor, to whom of which I saw emails speaking of me in a negative manner. They also made a few comments regarding race and immigrants while I was being trained which made me feel all the more uncomfortable. They would also single me out and alienate me. I felt a lot better when I was being trained by other people. There's a fair bit of drama amongst the employees, which is expected when there's supervisors such as the one I mentioned working there. There were a few very nice and helpful employees, however that's balanced out by the borderline unprofessional supervisors.
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Security Guard chez GardaWorld

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19,19 $ par heure

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