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Security Guard565 avis
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2,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Treated as a body, no "good job" just there to fulfill a contract, no real training, job moral is at an all time low, if you wish to succeed then it is a battle with false promises and hopes destroyed

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No sense of accomplishment
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good company to work on, Gardaworld outshined the rest, providing a positive culture, strong pay and benefits, flexibility, and much more. Best security guard company
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respectful work

overall good experience and every here and there are respectful to the security professionals. pay per hour should be more than normal as we are front line fighter and protecting people and assets around..!
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Good place to work and learn more

Great place to work and growth your skill also the pay is good as well the management are very helpful. I really enjoyed working with garda I have gained alot of experience
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Okay job

The job was okay. As a floater you could pick up shifts. Its an easy job compared to others. Basic things such as access control,foot and video surveillance.
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Paychecks always clear

Garda suffers from the same problems the entire security industry suffers from. Poor management, low pay and often difficult working environments where you don't feel supported. But there is always work, they will hire about anyone, and the checks always arrive.
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fun place

good place to work, good wages given. overall good company to start your career in. Keep looking best for opportunity and do get all benefit's advantages of other license s and certification which are provided free of cost and are all paid by how much time you will invest in the trainin
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Fun workplace

Management is always supportive and has work life balance, starting seems a bit of difficult where we need to work in different site until they find us a permanent place. Ongoing growth opportunities and training within the company
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Stay Away from this company!

They will give you places out of your city after kicking you out of your position. Seniority is what matters to them. Not how well you do your job. Horrible company.

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No Job Security, Horrible hours, gives you places out of your city
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Union can be good or bad depending on your seniority

Scheduling and the union will keep your position open, even if you were hired as a fulltime guard. If anyone with seniority wants your position, you will be bumped out of the position and out of a job. They then give you jobs out of your city that are worse hours and takes more time to get to the site. Working with this company does not guarantee a secure job.

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Not secure job, seniority matters
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Great company great HR

I've worked for Garda on and off since 2019 on many sites around RMWB and I've had a great experience with the whole team. Lots of opportunities to learn and grow.
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Very bad. They kick you out by no reason and based on seniority. Not by performance

BadThey don't review your work base on performance. They only care the seniority. It is totally not fair, that's why some of the workers are very bad. Some workers even sleep on their job because they are senior. The pay is lower than other company too. Don't work with them if you can pick.. the scheduler even not make sense too. They asked you take the job very far away too. I won't hire this company to protect my store... The workers there are not happy... Will try other company that appreciate their worker by performance. Work long there doesn't mean they are good workers. Union should change their rule too... All workers paid to union and why they set up these unreasonable rule... They must change it
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Not very good support from super visors and scheduling department.Using own car for company when you are on duty is the and slow paced .Totally place to get some experience.
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Good stepping stone

Gardaworld gives you good experience to prepare you for the tasks you will face when in the law enforcement field. Pay is sub par and hours are irregular.
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great for students

management detached from reality and not understanding guard's jobs and needs. very high turnover that suits students. not a great place to advance your career.
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Stay away

Stay away from this place. No support. Management does not listen. Arbitrary reprimands. No overtime, you work most stats. Shifts can change very often.
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No comments

No comments. Work here a few months and see what it's like. You probably won't stay for too long due to the work environment, and management. Good luck
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Bad management from the human ressources

Human ressources is a joke. They dont care about us. For them we are litteraly just number and its very sad. They should fire some people who think taking decisions is funny. They fire good agents
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What is the best part of working at the company?Schedule , management, overtime They are paying good compare with other security companies What is the most stressful part about working at the company?So far nothing i am happy work with gardaWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Friendly work environment and multi cultural What is a typical day like for you at the company?I can’t say anything or answer for this
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you can just watch Youtube for fun on site

A good environment depends on management and how they control your customer service, behavior and reliability, performance and as well as your activeness on work place

Points positifs

some time free refreshments

Points négatifs

long hours
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Not good

Terrible communication and getting anything done takes constant fighting and prodding. Feels like nobody knows what their responsibilities are and none of the higher ups can just do their jobs.
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Security Guard chez GardaWorld

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