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Security Guard26 avis
Mississauga, ON26 avis

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2,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good hours

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Good hours, low pay, management doesn’t really care about security guards, however guaranteed hours usually so don’t have to worry about off time. However
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Disorganized, dissapointing . 1 or 2 ppl might b helpful. The majority of it is nonsense, unprofessional and overall just a classless company.

What is the best part of working at the company?Nothing at all. Poor management. Poor communication What is the most stressful part about working at the company?There are many issues. Really disappointing What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Not good. More ppl should speak out because nobody cares about anybody. Your a # a afterthought not a human being there.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Trying my best to do my job n avoid most ppl
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Professional & administrative working schedules

The working schedule starts with the accurate & professional. The pay day order is very accurate & timely. The most enjoybale part of working with the company is the most humble & friendly atmosphere of the envoirment.
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Pay is a joke. Management no help too much politics. Coworkers are not helpful pay is a mess Just look for another job and you’ll be fine. Get out of security
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May be good for fresher

Minimum wages with all day long standing job. No support at all from seniors. Hours were not stable for me and when I complaint about it they said you can leave the position.
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As a security guard in a bank I found the work quite boring. Did not always receive a relief guard and sometimes could not take lunch. Difficult to get into contact with management.
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Very hostile enviorment

Be smart and watch your back cuy you never know what will hit you no one cooperates so you are on your own pay is low and they expect you to move mountains.

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Nun so far

Points négatifs

Just watch your back
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The experience of work was good at this time.

I have started working for Garda when it took over Intercon, I have had success and i have had hard times. However i will say Management, Employee services, HR and Recruitement all have been supportive when asked for by me for assistance. Please i know that people may have had negative experiences, not every experience is perfect ever knocking a company is actually generally is poor taste.

Points positifs

They do give full time and open shifts whenever they need

Points négatifs

They do not give site or shifts when we ask them.
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Not bad

Good organised maintained well . Staff is very cooperative. Having enough guards to cover the positions. Can provide security at any time. They are very well trained
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A typical day was routine security job but the logistics aspect was quite challenging Love the challenging parts that involve a lot of report writing
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Excellent job

Good company to work for, they are all Polite and well mannered. If you want to work the hours are there. The benefits are good and you have a union. Most of there sites are safe and good.
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It was a good experience working at Garda World.

Hi, It was a good experience working at Garda. I really wanted to rejoin the team. It will be a pleasure for me. I learned a lot as a security guard. I like the workplace culture there. Thanks
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Overall Garda World supervision management Don’t seem to care about their employees just to hire more people and the seniors get left in the dust and ignored
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the working was really good

the typical work was the team i lernt how to manage time and how to communicate with guard work place was very good the most enjoyable part of the work is team work and helping each other .
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Productive but not fun

- At the begining was given good hours, but the decresses as you get more experienced - only supervisors and new comers are valued - given no benefits

Points positifs

Nice Management

Points négatifs

Not enough hours
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At Gardaworld you are trained to perform your duty when placed on a site efficiently with security and safety. You learn the site post orders and the tools you require to do your job. Management is a professional manner and they are fair. The workp-lace culture is of the client command of agency law. The most important part of the job is punctuality.

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Points négatifs

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Not bad at all.

Nice company with lot of work in GTA. They pay minimum,which is unsatisfactory to the work we do. Overall, if you want to make extra money with your full time job, then go for it.
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On a typical day working with Garda I provided a great deal of customer service.I also secured premises and personnel by patrolling property and monitoring surveillance equipment.Prevent losses and damages by reporting irregularities. Lastly I completed reports by recording observations, information and occurrences.I learned that working as a security guard comes with great responsibility and taking that responsibility serious for the safety of not only the clients but yourself is mandatory.
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Good working environment

My time at Gardaworld has proven a great experience into the world of security. I enjoyed the training and connecting with customers and clients alike. I enjoyed securing buildings and people.

Points positifs

good training

Points négatifs

slow promotions
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productive workplace. Kind of boring.

the job was easy and there werent many responsibilities. It was a decent way to kill time, but the job was very boring. You would often just be standing in the same spot for hours doing nothing.

Points positifs

Not much responsibility

Points négatifs

very boring
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Good money and do your own things but can be boring

Miss working for my company but felt like I wasn't going anywhere in the workplace so I had to take a major break from them. Still technically a employee there justhavent gotten any shifts and need to renew my license
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