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Screening Manager7 avis
Mississauga, ON7 avis

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2,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Active and fast paced.

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Imagine going to an airport to travel but never actually traveling. The place is a mostly clean and well lit environment. High stress depending on the position, definitely fast paced during rush peaks. Mostly stressful right after training but once the repetitiveness kicks in it's just that...should be better paid but to the company they seem to see it as a labor job, so why pay more for repetitive labor.
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Stay far away

All I can say is make sure your ready to be told your words are not important. And for you women the men in that work environment especially at the airport just be careful.

Points positifs

Meeting new people

Points négatifs

Long hours, they lie to you, Sexist and racist
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Unhealthy work environment - fast paced

I would not recommend this job to anyone. The environment is unhealthy, there is no work-life balance, you're babysitting grown folk, you're underpaid for all that you're required to do, and the management is toxic. Everyone talks about each other and some managers power-trip. Screening officers threaten managers with calling the union and they have no respect towards the managers. They hire young people who have no care about the job and then there is the older folk who are limited in what they can do. You're expected to do things with limited resources and no answer is acceptable to them. It is all about numbers and money, the officers take a backseat as long as things are moving. I would say, use it for experience but don't stay in it for too long.

Points négatifs

Long hours, babysitting
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Only join if you are ABSOLUTELY desperate.

When I joined, it seemed like there is room to grow but now I see that people leave after a couple of months since the amount of drama you have to deal with. 10 hour shifts and a lot of paper work. No breaks for managers. You take small breaks whenever you get time to breath. I along with many others have to stay back after a 10 hour shift, just to finish updating the system and finish the paperwork. Further, there is no overtime for managers. People are more happy when they are leaving the company then joining. The training is also demotivating since our peers are also trying to leave the company. When you join, keep looking for other jobs. When you find something better, leave! Worst part is that there no break room to leave our food. No choice but to buy food from the restaurant and eat on the spot. Therefore no savings.

Points positifs

Some co-workers are nice

Points négatifs

Overworked, Have to pay for parking, under paid for the work required
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Good place to get experience

GardaWorld Aviation is a good place to get experience but it is not a health environment for managers to develop their careers. There is a lot of favoritism that occurs when new positions open up. Normally, in GardaWorld Aviation when a position opens, Senior Managers (GMs) have already picked who they want in that role. Most of the time, it bites them in the BUTT but they never learn from it.

Points positifs

Most of the employees are great to get along with

Points négatifs

To much favoritism, very unlikely of you moving up in the company
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previous job

Great to work with a team, with such a high motivation to meet goals, communication and coaching was the key to ensure success are met of every team member, the end of day was very rewarding, regardless we encounter a few challenges but eventually resolved the issues, because we are working as a team and everyone is happy, knowing we had delivered the best customers service A happy team member makes a happy customers,

Points positifs

Company provides snacks food for screening officers during meetings

Points négatifs

company meeting
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pros and cons

Pros: good workers good environment good experience with firearms Cons: low pay high turnover contract based management is unbalanced
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