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Armed Guard7 avis
Mississauga, ON7 avis

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2,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Overall come to work knowing you’re there to work not thinking you’re there to “look cool” wearing a gun. It’s a place for grownups not whiners that still live at home with mom and dad.
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Do not work here

-it’s only a delivery job while carrying a gun for protection -zero appreciation from management-forced overtime or get criticized-loose a package, you’ll get accused of stealing, threaten to be charged & forced to pay out of pocked instead of them going through the insurance companies.-worst training program I’ve ever been apart of. -typical figure it out yourself on the job or from other coworkers, and company expects full accountability if any errors.
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Good for casual if it’s your only part time job and you’re fully flexible in when you can work.

Full time means nights. Positions based on seniority. Lots of hours available for casual but that can change at anytime. Good for people needing a couple years job history for applying to be a LEO or for older folks wanting long-term casual. The job itself is fun if you enjoy being on the road, no boss over your shoulder.
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Constant turn over with false promises of full time employment

Constantly hiring new people while the full time layoff point is well past 15 years seniority. Senior management is very confrontational and takes a fire first and sort it out later approach
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You'll hate being an Armed Guard

I was hired at the Mississauga branch as a casual hire, and what a waste of time it was working here for 6 months of my life. The entire facility is unmaintained and extremely dirty, the amount of black dust everywhere is a major cause for concern. The locker rooms are extremely filthy to the point that if you drop any of your black uniform on the floor for even a second, they will have dirt all over them. All their equipment is either damaged, faulty, or jury-rigged to barely work. Their entire system is ridiculously out-dated and everything is done manually in a program that looks like it was made in the 1980s. The trucks are constantly on the brink (pun intended) of falling apart, and there is always issues with them. The managers are very disorganized and really don't care about anybody besides themselves and maybe the full-time guys that lick their boots. The work culture is absolute garbage. People will step over you to get ahead, so trust no one. Everybody is talking about you behind your back, so if somebody starts chit-chatting and asks something like how many shifts you got this week, just don't tell them. They will complain behind your back and you'll either get shifts cancelled or receive not as many the preceding weeks. Don't make friends here, just do your job and go home if you are really that desperate. Everybody here is a back-stabber. If you have the pleasure (sarcasm) of working with a full-timer, they will rush you to get the job done because they get paid their 10 hour shift regardless of how early their work is completed. As a casual you will - 

Points positifs

Look cool with a firearm, people think you're important

Points négatifs

Bad hours, poor management, union politics, horrible work culture
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Managment will use you then get any one for cheaper rate.

It’s a run down Managment, no respect for employees and it’s all about them saving money. They are currently getting rid of full-time employees so they can hire part time for less money. They will use you then get rid of you just like that. The problem is the management does not stay long . They change management often .
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Decent pay with zero advancement and little job security

I worked here 9 years. This place throws so much money away. Management is disorganized and will fire you at a moments notice. Its all senority based and the majority of senior employees are highshool drop outs.

Points positifs

Decent pay and philistine like management

Points négatifs

No futue at a dead end company
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