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Wasn’t too bad

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Good place to work, good training program. Lots of driving. Wish it would have been a full time position and not casual. Co workers were great to work with.
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Fun and exciting

What is the best part of working at the company?The uniform and the cool trucksWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Handling all the cash and not getting rolled What is a typical day like for you at the company?Routine days. Lots of driving
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Worst company I have ever worked for...Garbageworld....

I was a casual at the peterborough branch for a few years then finally got full time status. until the layoffs started. I got a pay increase, benefits and a pension. Things were going well until the layoffs happened. Management has no clue how to operate a business. HR is not to be trusted. They will throw you under the bus. They have gone through an abundant amount of supervisors and managers that I cant remember their names. When you work nights most of the work you will be on your knees doing atms and night safes and carrying around giant cash parcels and coin. The union always seemed to always look after the senior employees. The trucks are awful. They would always break down. The A/C would never work in the summer and you would freeze in the winter when the heat wouldn't work. The branch itself is full of garbage. There is dirt everywhere. They would never clean. Everything is broken and being held together with elastics. Especially the trucks. The computer programs they use are from the 90's. You will never be full time on days...not without at least over 25 or more years of full time status and that never happens when nobody ever retires from there. Hardly anyone uses cash anymore so there is no job security at all. Needless to say I left this disaster and have found something else. I would not recommended working for this company.

Points positifs

Good wage for unskilled work, benefits only when you are full time.

Points négatifs

To many to list...
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Do not work here

-it’s only a delivery job while carrying a gun for protection -zero appreciation from management-forced overtime or get criticized-loose a package, you’ll get accused of stealing, threaten to be charged & forced to pay out of pocked instead of them going through the insurance companies.-worst training program I’ve ever been apart of. -typical figure it out yourself on the job or from other coworkers, and company expects full accountability if any errors.
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Terrible Lack of Security Mindset. In A Rush!

Terrible Lack of Security Mindset. In A Rush! What a brutal dissapointment. The trucks are old, small and the staff are absolutely miserable and over-worked/stressed to the nines. Some bitter wanna-be cops and know-it-alls as well, which are never nice traits to be around.
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Could be a great job, but falling short

Management is always in crisis control because higher management is always cheaping out on their employees. Training is very disregarded because staff shortage or whatever reason they are giving. No teambuilding effort, no christmas parties. Communication between management and employees is very poor.On the other hand the job is fun, colleagues are, for the most part, great. Because they are often in crisis, theirs is opportunities of racking in a lot of over time.

Points positifs

Good opportunities (sometimes), garranteed time on scheduled shifts

Points négatifs

no job security, 4 days prior work schedule, pay and benefit underwhelming
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Severely underpaid job stuck in the old business model from the 80's

This field could be a relatively stress free environment and cover the cost of living if companies would keep up with the times. You are carrying a gun in public and transporting high value goods with completely horrendous compensation for your work. Due to retirement and no carrot for younger applicants this business model will be facing severe shortages in the next couple of years.

Points négatifs

Wage, company policies
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Horrible company, uses and abuses employees

Toxic place to work. Company vs Union mentality. No training at all, no room for advancement whatsoever, zero job security. This company built up the Peterborough branch, hired many full time people while commanding experimental vaccines for its loyal employees. Only because of 1 or 2 people at the corporate level and their vendetta against the Peterborough branch, caused almost 30+ people including full time and part time staff to lose there job.Miserable untrained and unqualified management. Generally all staff are miserable. Armored trucks are in brutal mechanical shape. The company could care less if its employees are breathing in burning oil, antifreeze, or brake dust while driving in sealed truck cabs (no movable windows).Your pay is constantly wrong, missing hours, shifts, and vacation time. You will have to track your pay closely and constantly fight with management to get paid what is rightfully hours.Part time/casual employees get paid significantly less then full time employees, for doing the exact same job, while incurring the same dangerous aspects of carrying a firearm.Do yourself a favor, including if your a potential customer/client, avoid this company like the plague it is.

Points positifs

Ok pay for unskilled work

Points négatifs

Night shifts, unless your full-time for 20+ yrs
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They think they own you...

Preface: All I ask of an employer is to be paid for the work I do, treated like a human being while I'm there, and left alone on my days off.I don't think I am asking for a lot.Garda cash services fails spectacularly on all of those expectations.You will start out as a "casual" which is just another term for on call/part time. You will have lots of work in the summer, and go weeks without a call in the winter. They want you to be available though, and can call you last minute, so forget about having another job. They want you to sit on unpaid on call. It doesn't matter if you have bills to pay or mouths to feed. The requisite monthly availability they demand will completely preclude you from having another part time job. That's right, part time at Garda trumps part time everywhere else.As a casual, you are paid less than a full time employee. If you are working with a full time employee, there will be tension because of the different pay structures.As a casual, you are paid by the hour, so you have no incentive to rush. Full time employees are paid by the shift. If their shift is ten hours, and they get all of their work done in eight hours, they get to go home and still get paid for ten hours. The full timer will pressure you to rush so they can get home, which costs you hours.After a while (months, or years) you may make it to a full time position. Now you will get benefits. No raise though. They negotiated that part out of the collective. You will make top rate after 6000 hours. If you are under that when you get a full time spot you will stay at your tier until - 

Points positifs

The ability to quit

Points négatifs

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Tough gig for a worker

When things are going well, it is a fairly straight forward type of job - service ABMs, Banks, and conduct commercial stops. Fairly easy, especially with a partner you get along with.However, mismanagement at the corporate level and questionable decisions at the branch level have led to high employee burnout, cumbersome workloads, and a general feeling of low morale amongst the employees. Best to avoid if possible.

Points positifs

Decent training

Points négatifs

No entitlements for a part timer, easy to be laid off, forced overtime on top of shifts
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Fast paced work environment, possible to make over 100k/yr with overtime

Great new management at the Gardaworld Cash Services Vancouver branch. There were some problems with previous managers who have since left but their replacements are working hard to create a positive, respectful work environment and they are succeeding.20/hr to start as a casual which goes up to 29/hr after a few months once you get part time status.Opportunities to make over 100k/yr with overtime.Fast paced work environment suited for younger people. Vast majority of employees are under 35.
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no comment

no, I would not recommend this company as I did not get enough shifts a month to provide for myself and my family. Maybe a different branch is better.
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Lack of care from management and the casual salary during training period/overall makes no sense for the importance and danger of the job.

Overworked and tired out from the job very fast. The job itself has no change or challenge to it once you get the route to stay on, you feel like a robot doing the exact same stops for five days straight. Management also does not care and gives very misleading information and does not communicate with the other supervisors. Some of the people are great to work with but I never personally had a bad experience compared to others.
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"You vs management", Stressful, Great pay

There is very much a "you vs the management" feeling. Managment doesn't always understand what is capable of being completed in a shift. The job is very monotonous, but is an excellent stepping stone for anyone interested in moving on to policing. There are some great people to work with but also some very miserable ones. Job can be stressful at times, and fast paced especially during night shift. Pay is great for the work done, benefits are good.
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Overall come to work knowing you’re there to work not thinking you’re there to “look cool” wearing a gun. It’s a place for grownups not whiners that still live at home with mom and dad.
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Good for casual if it’s your only part time job and you’re fully flexible in when you can work.

Full time means nights. Positions based on seniority. Lots of hours available for casual but that can change at anytime. Good for people needing a couple years job history for applying to be a LEO or for older folks wanting long-term casual. The job itself is fun if you enjoy being on the road, no boss over your shoulder.
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You'll hate being an Armed Guard

I was hired at the Mississauga branch as a casual hire, and what a waste of time it was working here for 6 months of my life. The entire facility is unmaintained and extremely dirty, the amount of black dust everywhere is a major cause for concern. The locker rooms are extremely filthy to the point that if you drop any of your black uniform on the floor for even a second, they will have dirt all over them. All their equipment is either damaged, faulty, or jury-rigged to barely work. Their entire system is ridiculously out-dated and everything is done manually in a program that looks like it was made in the 1980s. The trucks are constantly on the brink (pun intended) of falling apart, and there is always issues with them. The managers are very disorganized and really don't care about anybody besides themselves and maybe the full-time guys that lick their boots. The work culture is absolute garbage. People will step over you to get ahead, so trust no one. Everybody is talking about you behind your back, so if somebody starts chit-chatting and asks something like how many shifts you got this week, just don't tell them. They will complain behind your back and you'll either get shifts cancelled or receive not as many the preceding weeks. Don't make friends here, just do your job and go home if you are really that desperate. Everybody here is a back-stabber. If you have the pleasure (sarcasm) of working with a full-timer, they will rush you to get the job done because they get paid their 10 hour shift regardless of how early their work is completed. As a casual you will - 

Points positifs

Look cool with a firearm, people think you're important

Points négatifs

Bad hours, poor management, union politics, horrible work culture
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no gratitude for extra work done toxic enviorment.............

you get treated as if u are jus a number uion help as thy are close to managment..working condtions are unsafe most of the time due to the trucks are not matter how hard or long u hve been there management would fire u in the blink of an future if looking for fulltime....stay away try brinks
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Won’t recommend

Union is basically on managements side, they won’t protect you if they don’t like you, lots of politics. Union members are working in the office doing management work with management, which makes no sense, that’s conflict of interest. Management does not fix anything, have fun on nights. Management is run by guys who don’t know a thing about effective business and business culture. Trucks have never been cleaned, always breaking down. People only complain about how bad their lives are. Pay is decent, not worth the problems. They expect work to be done in 5 hours on nights when your scheduled for 8 hours, makes no sense. Union won’t fix the runs and won’t do anything, unless it’s union steward runs, they will fix them, yeah lots of favouritism. Nights has the most issues, shop steward on nights won’t do anything for you, no point of even talking to him, might as well talk to a brick wall to get a response. Other so called senior members on nights won’t fight for their union members, but for management, hence why nothing gets fixed. Place needs classes on what a union is. They expect every run to be done under 6 hours, meaning speeding over 100km a night on residential streets, no breaks, doing the work carelessly, and working dangerously. Union workers are trying to get each other in trouble, how sad. Lots of issues with this location, very negative experience, best day was the day I left. There is some light with the election of the two brand new union members who are trying to change the culture. Really wish more people like that were working there and hopefully more guys - 
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Management is the worst

I would not recommend working here it has a toxic work environment. The new management don’t give a f@#k about you and your safety trucks are not safe and you work along side some real idiots that should not be carrying a firearm overall stay away try brinks believe it people you don’t want to work here
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Incompetently Managed and toxic environment!!

List of issues with this company: -Highly incompetent management -Safety concern for employees non existant -Culture of harrassment towards women -Unsafe equipment -Toxic work environment -Self serving union representatives
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Armed Guard chez GardaWorld

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