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It was ok for a transition job

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It was ok for a transition job. As a newbie you get the shifts nobody wants. Difficult as you encounter unruly, frustrated passengers who feel that they are above every one else.
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Please Don't Waste your Time

I want to write this review because I want to warn people about this job and this company. I applied to be a pre-board screening officer in August 2019. It took a full 4 months for me to finally start the job. It was a very long and frustrating application process. Frustrating because it was almost impossible to get a status of your application. The recruiters never respond when you try and contact them. I got them on the phone a couple times and didn't get much information about the status of my application. It was a long 4 months but I figured it was worth the wait because the pay was good. I was wrong, it wasn't worth the wait. When I finally started working, my employment lasted 5 days. I literally got fired after 5 days on the job. My first time ever getting fired. The company is notorious for firing people who are on probation for very small infractions. There are quality leads who stand behind you and watch what you do. If they don't like how you move (which is more often than not) they report you to HR. In 5 short days, 4 hour shifts a piece, I had 3 reports sent to HR, which caused them to terminate me. I didn't even get a warning. And one of the reports was false!!!!!!!! At this job you need to say hello/bonjour to every passenger. A quality lead was standing right behind me, so I was even more diligent to say it to every one. After a few minutes, he said to me, "I only heard you say hello/bonjour once" I was like no that's not true!! I say it to every single passenger! He reported me anyway. Even if you have your hands in your pockets, you can get fired. There are - 

Points positifs

the pay

Points négatifs

everything other than the pay is a con
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Terrible job!

One of the worst companies to work for. No job security and feels like a high school all over again. There is 0 structure to this company and hopefully, they can change that around for new employees.
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Lock of accountability

Working here you have policies and procedures but once you say anything about it once they're not followed, you become a target. Managements also talks behind your back amongst themselves instead of coming directly to you on the issues you brought forward. Also this company is unionized but the union doesn't do anything but tells you that, that is what we sign up for so we should deal with it.
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good work environment

garda world is a good company to work at. i have nothing to say other than it had good training and hr. the shifts were manageable and i would work there again
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Not worth it

The workload is too much and work life balance is a struggle. Please think twice before coming to work here. People are good, but it's hard to work your way up.
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It was a good experience working at Garda World.

Hi, It was a good experience working at Garda. I really wanted to rejoin the team. It will be a pleasure for me. I learned a lot as a security guard. I like the workplace culture there. Thanks
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great co workers

fun place to work, great co workers - difficult hours and unorganized, difficult to climb up within the workplace. male dominated work place. great place to gain experience.
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Good place to get your foot in the door

Just starting as a traiknee. Zero say in terms of schduling and are not guranteed a stavble and consistent job until fully certified. REALLY INCONSISTANT. Especially in terms of whats expected and whats actually put into practice
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Overall Garda World supervision management Don’t seem to care about their employees just to hire more people and the seniors get left in the dust and ignored
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you learn alot

you get chance to learn many things. they give you proper training and they give you on-job training as well. good environment to work in and staff is very helpful.
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Mismanaged and untrained managers, rude , unprofessional, unfair and imbalanced culture

Please think twice before applying. Maybe good as a stepping stone but better to jump off to nect dyep at the first opportunity , because there is no revognotion for hard work, managers are pampered , high attrtion rate under new managment.
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Very disorganized, no communication.

The company does not have a culture, you fear for you job daily and the communication does not exist within the company. You feel used and discarded after doing all that is expected of you.
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Work & no play

I was at there for sometime, however they more take to who they like & not who can get the job done. They cut each others throat to make it in there.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Fake people
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the working was really good

the typical work was the team i lernt how to manage time and how to communicate with guard work place was very good the most enjoyable part of the work is team work and helping each other .
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Productive and fun workplace, the staff was amazing.

Great place to work. They offer a 40 hour training and security license course, after the course the provide assistance with job placement to your requested location.
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Managment will use you then get any one for cheaper rate.

It’s a run down Managment, no respect for employees and it’s all about them saving money. They are currently getting rid of full-time employees so they can hire part time for less money. They will use you then get rid of you just like that. The problem is the management does not stay long . They change management often .
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Productive but not fun

- At the begining was given good hours, but the decresses as you get more experienced - only supervisors and new comers are valued - given no benefits

Points positifs

Nice Management

Points négatifs

Not enough hours
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At Gardaworld you are trained to perform your duty when placed on a site efficiently with security and safety. You learn the site post orders and the tools you require to do your job. Management is a professional manner and they are fair. The workp-lace culture is of the client command of agency law. The most important part of the job is punctuality.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Decent pay with zero advancement and little job security

I worked here 9 years. This place throws so much money away. Management is disorganized and will fire you at a moments notice. Its all senority based and the majority of senior employees are highshool drop outs.

Points positifs

Decent pay and philistine like management

Points négatifs

No futue at a dead end company
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I enjoy this job because i am able to meet different people everyday, i am on my feet, not sitting, the environment is fun and enjoyable. it is a very easy job, its not your typical 9 to 5. Although it is serious and we secure your safety, the passengers make it enjoyable.
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