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Mississauga, ON72 avis

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It was ok for a transition job

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It was ok for a transition job. As a newbie you get the shifts nobody wants. Difficult as you encounter unruly, frustrated passengers who feel that they are above every one else.
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Worst company to work with

Dispatch never answers the call and they are too rude to talk . Despite, having injury they will continue making you work and not approving the leave .

Points positifs

No pros

Points négatifs

Boring environment
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Not a fun workplace

Not a great work atmosphere, very low employee moral. Lacking management. Full time guaranteed 40 hours but hard to plan your life as every couple months we are switching schedules.
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Good hours

Good hours, low pay, management doesn’t really care about security guards, however guaranteed hours usually so don’t have to worry about off time. However
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Good money but terrible company

Money is good at first but eventually won’t be enough. Management is a joke & the union does absolutely nothing for you. Do not try to retire here, the pension is super trash & you’ll be forced to work for the rest of your life. Use this job as a ladder, either grow with the company or find a better job but don’t stay here long term
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Poor pay, prefer quantity over quality, favoritism

Union is useless just charging fees of 30$ every pay cheque unnecessarily. They never help guards In getting decent pay rates, almost no overtime. When they need you in emergency then always pressuring you to work extra. Senior guards who making 1$ more hourly will get fired just to be replaced by someone who makes minimum wage, doesn't know their rights like paid sick days, lesser benefits, boots reimbursement, etc. Management will never tell you such things always hide or lie to make more bonuses for themselves. Always pay discrepancies and funny thing is guards always get paid less. With system error Garda never pays more lol

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Points négatifs

Low pay for guards because executives/managers making over 100k a year, no overtime, bad union, no bonus for working nights or weekends, favoritism
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Unorganized and horrible managers

They mess up your pay always. SPMs are dogwater. Senior colleagues don’t care about work. This company has stupid rules and stupid management. Messing up my pay always made me quit instantly. But working with colleagues was great. Made some nice friends here.
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Great Customer Services Experiences at YYZ Terminals

* Learned a lot of customer service experience at YYZ terminals and hangar 5 security and access control;* Explorer's truly helping hands world travellers with true love peace respect;* The management team is very helpful; * The workplace culture is very friendly; * The hardest part is less the pay rate; * The most enjoyable part of the job is working with friendly partnership companies and stakeholders.

Points positifs

Human's Customer Services Experiences

Points négatifs

Less pay rate?
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Do not work here

-it’s only a delivery job while carrying a gun for protection -zero appreciation from management-forced overtime or get criticized-loose a package, you’ll get accused of stealing, threaten to be charged & forced to pay out of pocked instead of them going through the insurance companies.-worst training program I’ve ever been apart of. -typical figure it out yourself on the job or from other coworkers, and company expects full accountability if any errors.
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Worst management. Stay away!

Horrible management! ! ! They don’t care about you at all- you are just a number. Stay away from this company. It’s not worth it!HR is a complete joke!
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Worst workplace

Worst workplace ever I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work for this company specially at Pearson airport, no respect for the employees at all they treat you like shi t and they looking for small reason to fire you 2 weeks before your probation ends
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Fun job, horrible work environment

Don’t work here. High wages but they don’t pay accurately and deductions are ridiculous. Seniority based bidding with minimal hours. The officers are belligerent and the management is incompetent/unresponsive. Not worth the long process to even get the job in the first place.

Points positifs

High wage for an entry level job

Points négatifs

Constant issues with payroll, management is unresponsive
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Stay far away

All I can say is make sure your ready to be told your words are not important. And for you women the men in that work environment especially at the airport just be careful.

Points positifs

Meeting new people

Points négatifs

Long hours, they lie to you, Sexist and racist
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Professional and caring management ! Staff are all very nice and understanding

Garda world is one of the best company to work for ! The staff and the HR department are all very nice and understanding ! Very professional company and very caring management ! I will recommend everyone work for Garda World

Points positifs

Caring and professional management

Points négatifs

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Micromanagement, dealing with the public, unsupportive managers, favoritism, have to get someone to cover you to go for break or punch out, gossipy work environment.
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Terrible company to work for that underpay and will take advantage of their workers. They will double book shifts without coverage and leave one worker to do a 16hr shift
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Uncertainty in this company

Being the worlds largest private security firm, it should but has no room for moving up. They hire inexperienced staff for field work so they can pay the lower hourly wage levels then majority of the time, hire externally for management. Even management has been seen to come and go like a revolving door.

Points positifs

Works with staff availability

Points négatifs

Minimum wages, no/minimal opportunity
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Unhealthy work environment - fast paced

I would not recommend this job to anyone. The environment is unhealthy, there is no work-life balance, you're babysitting grown folk, you're underpaid for all that you're required to do, and the management is toxic. Everyone talks about each other and some managers power-trip. Screening officers threaten managers with calling the union and they have no respect towards the managers. They hire young people who have no care about the job and then there is the older folk who are limited in what they can do. You're expected to do things with limited resources and no answer is acceptable to them. It is all about numbers and money, the officers take a backseat as long as things are moving. I would say, use it for experience but don't stay in it for too long.

Points négatifs

Long hours, babysitting
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Active and fast paced.

Imagine going to an airport to travel but never actually traveling. The place is a mostly clean and well lit environment. High stress depending on the position, definitely fast paced during rush peaks. Mostly stressful right after training but once the repetitiveness kicks in it's just that...should be better paid but to the company they seem to see it as a labor job, so why pay more for repetitive labor.
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Short staffed, underpaid

Short staffed, underpaid, gardaworld has rude HR reps that don't care about you, union doesn't care either. Pay wasn't bad back in the day but they never raised it in 5 years even though minimum wage increased
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No Real Upside to Working Here.

I started my journey at GardaWorld as a Tactical Scheduler a few years ago. I really liked the job! It paid the bills, and my coworkers, and managers were super friendly! I moved to Portfolio Scheduler about a year after joining based off of my work performance. I still quite frankly liked the position, however sadly that is where all the positives end. The turn over rate is beyond bonkers, and managing OT for that is near impossible. You are dealing with clients, internal staff, managers, administrative work; entering coverages, keeping track of staff pay rates, bill rates, payroll, pay complaints, tracking opens, new hires, training, attendance of all staff under your portfolio all while providing excellent customer service ON TOP of all the never ending coverages, and opens, and you are blamed for anything that goes wrong as a portfolio scheduler. You can be an overachiever, a hard worker, dedicated to your role and it will not be noticed. Everyone is looking out for themselves, and you will be left with nothing but stress, anxiety, and the feeling of toxicity among the workplace. You will be hired most likely at a higher rate than loyal employees who have been there for years (hence no visible pay rate- they gotta hide it from the current staff just in case they look it up; not that the money you will get for the workload with equal the pay. Seniority. Does. Not. Matter.), and that might seem like a great offer but you’ll end up in the same boat in about two years. During my time there, after my initial switch in roles, for the next three years we were given no raises, however - 
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