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What is the best part of working at the company?Working for GardaWorld is challenging been in this company almost 16 yrs and so on I love my job and continue to work and they appreciate and recognize for your hard work…What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Just waking up early but get used to itWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Safe environment as I was assign in a satellite post What is a typical day like for you at the company?When an expected appreciation that you received from the company
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Horrible experience.

What is the best part of working at the company?The benefits, flexibility of scheduling is okWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?The management believe in punishments instead rewardsWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very low moral and punitive. You are just a number. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Stressful. Very disorganized. Exhausting.
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fun place to wrok

Great company to work for . It can do better for salary and benefits. Management is good, but it can be better. There are opportunities for growth if you are willing to work hard.
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great company for hourly work

great company, has stuck with me through thick and thin. I have worked for several security companies and this one has helped me the most of any in my career
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Absolute worst job I have ever had

Unless you are desperate do not work here. You are on salary but the job is so overwhelming that you will end up working 10 to 12 hour days but only paid for 8. There is literally no training because there is no management that has been there for more than 6 months. You can’t even take a holiday without being expected to bring your lap top and still check emails and do work where needed. There is a ridiculously high turnover in management staff as most quit within the probation period. The office is run down and security is very relaxed considering the amount of money in the place. Most staff are unionized and feel they can be disrespectful and do as they please due to this. The company also entice people with a 10% bonus which is impossible to receive even 1%. It’s a toxic environment where everyone is miserable. If you enjoy working lots of hours for free and driving home crying everyday while feeling extremely overwhelmed and stressed then this is the job for you !!! I don’t normally write reviews but I wished someone would have given me a heads up and I never worked for this company !!

Points positifs

Somewhat flexible hours, get all federal stat holidays off

Points négatifs

Long hours, overwhelming stressful enviroment, no time for lunch
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Productive and fun workplace

Good employer, friendly management and ample opportunity to move up as the company focuses on internal promotions. Benefits and pay are fair for the positions.
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Not Too Great

The job was really busy. Okay coworkers. Talking with different people is nice. Management is not that great. Overall, I do not recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Bad place to work at

this places its nightmare, very unprofessional, too much favoritism especially if you are the managers favorite or the person doing the schedule otherwise you will wait forever until you are given a better shift. They only give better shift to brown guys and noticed that African people always thrown to the industrial areas. This company just messed up, if you need your peace, don't apply here, they are very incompetent., they call you anytime it pleases them, even 1am they will call you, yet they have your availability, they are just bad, after they hire you, you are just a number, they won't give you even schedule, unless you are their favorite, they claim to care at first but after you are history

Points positifs

no shift available for everyone unless they like you

Points négatifs

bad work environment
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They try to get job as much as possible without thinking of handling that

Happened couple time they gave me job sites far from each other without vehicle so I had to use mine and garda supervisor didn’t care.very poor on HR consulting.

Points positifs

Some time free parking
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fair enough

the salary offered at garda world is reasonable, people are kind and helpful so adjustment is not hard. As a security it is but a must to be strict with standard compliance.

Points positifs

salary is reasonable

Points négatifs

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Acting patner to rotate with good pleasure around the sight.

Active distribiting work team.Motivating to interact and socialize woth customers along the side.Enable to taking directions safely in the workplaceResponding health safety.

Points positifs

Good leader mantaining roles of the job.

Points négatifs

Making high salary will be spent more expense in the academic
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A reasonable company to work for

Management is usually mean as so many other companies and use/misuse the staff as required.If you have connections in the Management you can be promoted otherwise no chance.
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Stressful and useless management

Lots of drama and the management is a joke. They promote anybody despite qualifications or skill. Human Resources is useless and the organization is non existent
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they don’t treat everyone equally. Toxic environment

They don’t treat everyone equally. The work place environment was toxic . And the management kept making mistakes on my pay cheques and when I call them it took long time to fix, and that made me double check every paycheque for messing amounts.
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The worst company you can work for. Managers push their friends and lovers and take jobs from the others .. If you have a manager on your side you can be paid when u go to the parties and someone do your work . You can come hours late to work someone will swipe you in
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Worst job I've ever had

This job started off pretty well. I had a good sense of comraderie with my coworkers, we helped each other out.Passengers think we're powertripping because we're taking away their expensive perfume or duty free tequila, and they don't get it's just the rules set by the government department. And yes, we already do feel bad because we know some of the rules are stupid when we're taking away toys or water bottles. Managers are powertripping because we can get written up for not doing things the exact way they want. Managers send their friends to the nice easy sit-down jobs in the back. Managers write some of us up while ignoring other people doing the exact same thing (eg. chatting on line, causing security breaches, coming to work late)

Points positifs

Good coworkers

Points négatifs

Inconsistent management
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Good employees

There are various roles that you can work at. However, you will get trained. The training generally is for two weeks and you will get paid for it.
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Unorganized untrained

0 work/life balance the 2 2 3 schedule is ridiculous and keeps you constantly trying to catch up on sleep. There is little to no training and you just learn as you go and are excited to get it perfect the first time with 0 margin for error. It's a paycheck and nothing else.
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A competitive work place environment with an opportunity to grow.

The entire experience has been pretty enriching but the entire process of getting into the management is pretty competitive and stressful. The experience is enriching in the terms of learning.
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Best place to work

I have been working in security industry for over 5 years now. I spent 4 years in another security company and I got treated really bad. Since I started to work in Garda, I felt more like im at home.
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