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travail routinier et de nuit

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poste routinier sans gros avantage et aucune chance de progression
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It’s okay

Cool place to work but there is early mornings and there is overtime with short notice you could work a 12 hour day that have to stay 2+ hours for a delayed flight

Points positifs

Pick your schedule

Points négatifs

Early mornings
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Good job for experience but not for a career.

Can be a stepping stone to gain good experience but getting good pay and making a career is hard. Your site can be short term or permanent which affects your job security.
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Worst job I've ever had

This job started off pretty well. I had a good sense of comraderie with my coworkers, we helped each other out.Passengers think we're powertripping because we're taking away their expensive perfume or duty free tequila, and they don't get it's just the rules set by the government department. And yes, we already do feel bad because we know some of the rules are stupid when we're taking away toys or water bottles. Managers are powertripping because we can get written up for not doing things the exact way they want. Managers send their friends to the nice easy sit-down jobs in the back. Managers write some of us up while ignoring other people doing the exact same thing (eg. chatting on line, causing security breaches, coming to work late)

Points positifs

Good coworkers

Points négatifs

Inconsistent management
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Good employees

There are various roles that you can work at. However, you will get trained. The training generally is for two weeks and you will get paid for it.
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Fast paced work environment, possible to make over 100k/yr with overtime

Great new management at the Gardaworld Cash Services Vancouver branch. There were some problems with previous managers who have since left but their replacements are working hard to create a positive, respectful work environment and they are succeeding.20/hr to start as a casual which goes up to 29/hr after a few months once you get part time status.Opportunities to make over 100k/yr with overtime.Fast paced work environment suited for younger people. Vast majority of employees are under 35.
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All different work sites

Most of the co workers I worked with were great. Depending on site depends on pay. Most of management is decent but at times feel ignored or not listened to
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I feel I was not shown honor by the management and staffing team.I was not allowed to choose my shift even though I was site lead and available shifts were not reasonable or available so I have found additional part time work as no available shifts that did not conflict with other weekend part time work or within reasonable travel and I was told my rate was reduced to $15 per hour.
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Don’t waste your time

Where to start with this company….oh the pay is absolutely horrendous, good luck luck paying rent and bills on minimum wage.If you try to apply for a better position they immediately decline your application saying you don’t qualify because of no experience…I have over 5 years security experience ranging from guard to supervisor.Management is also terrible, they don’t acknowledge your emails or phone calls unless you’re persistent. They don’t take the time to train you onsite either, they rather send a vague email on what to do onsite and or expect employees to stay beyond their shift to train and they won’t pay you for working overtime.They also tend to cancel shifts without notice and when you do get a reason for the cancellation it’s a petty excuse. There seems to be no potential for advancement, at all. Do yourself a favour and avoid this company and security jobs altogether, the potential for growth and opportunity is as small as winning the lottery, you’ll be better off with second career or any trades job than wasting your time and energy into this lousy field of work.
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Avoid at all costs

Poor experience overall...little to no communication..poor work-life balance...not opportunity for advancement...stressful work office support
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Not a great paying job !!!!!!!

Unfortunately working a site in a Camp environment can be very boring ..the workers are sleeping and absolutely nothing to do pay scale is different depending on location ..Some jobs are overpaid and others pay way to low for this town
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It was a jobPeople were greatYou could only advance if you knew people. Pay sucked even at top wage.Passengers were entitiled jerks who will never know the difference between a liquid and a gel
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High stress and expectations, low salary and support.

As a screener, the Union is very strong and manage to keep bad employees around. The hard workers are awarded with more work while the lazy ones slack off and disappear from checkpoints for hours. This is a retirement home for many seniors whom are no longer capable of performing all their functions are paid a lot to do less. Management is weak in handling the various insubordination daily from screeners. Not everyone is bad and the pay is decent for the work, but the work culture here overshadows it.
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Perd du temps

Perd du temps plus que d'autre chose on donne des années pour rien
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slow paced work and sometimes it was a little boring.

overall the experience with garda was good and if i could work for them again i would but my license and tickets expired. The job was overall pretty good and the employees and staff that i worked with were great. The only downside with working in a camp site asa security guard is that you occasionally have that one person per day that just gives you a hard time.
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Environnement stimulent et évolutif

Environnement stimulent et évolutif. Liberté de créativité. Directions en soutient en tout temps.
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Good work space can be hectic sometimes

Good work space 12 hours shift can be long overall it’s cool good pay good people I work during the time where COVID mandates were heavy so it was simple just making sure people follow COVID stuff
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no comment

no, I would not recommend this company as I did not get enough shifts a month to provide for myself and my family. Maybe a different branch is better.
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Stable income and average management

Like any other security job, don't expect to earn more than minimum wage. Some sites pay more, some less. Management is average and communicative when it comes to shift-coverage.

Points positifs

Never runs out of shifts

Points négatifs

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Productive and fun to work

Its is really fun to work with a well reputed company which pays well and is available 24/7 to address your concern and is ready to help anytime and anyday.
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Sites suck but management is amazing

Honestly you will be stressed by the work if you are new but when you get a good site it can make up for it. Been working for Garda off and on for three year and management I have worked with have been amazing. whenever you need a uniform they will get you the pieces you need. you have a complaint, they will bring it up with the management. after working for other companies, I had a awful experience and when Garda offered me a job again I was more then happy to take it.
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