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What should you wear to an interview at GardaWorld?

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  • 25 janvier 2021

    Nice and clean business casual is sufficient. You want to look professional and serious.

  • Dress neat and smart

  • They say to dress for a professional interview but I dont think this matters, they have in mind who they are interviewing so even if you look the part and pass the test, you've wasted your day. I'm starting to believe they just need to fill seats in the room, you're not necessarily there because you actually have a chance. But they've spent a lot of money flying recruiters in from Calgary to judge a lot of people so they make sure the seats are full...

  • Casual ware

  • Dress up smart and should look professional

  • Dress neat and smart

  • Neat and clean well dressed

  • Nice and clean dresses like coat pants short.

  • Dress neat and smart

  • You should wear casual dress attire. be presentable

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