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Comment décririez-vous lenvironnement de travail et la culture dans lentreprise?

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  • 8 février 2022


    Thank you for your question. GardaWorld takes pride in its entrepreneurial culture. 26% of our corporate employees at GardaWorld started as frontline employees across all divisions.


    The GardaWorld Team"

  • Formidable

  • They don't tell you at the onset that the job is a union position. You don't move up based on merit. You move up based on seniority. You have to bid for shifts, and if your seniority is low, you aren't getting any shifts. I am still waiting for a permanent shift 5 weeks after certification. Definitely disappointed considering you wait 5 months from the date they give you the new hire package to the date you actually start working.

  • Management does not care about their guards. They employ a hire and forget routine, usually looking for part timers to fill inconsistent and undesirable contracts.

    If you are lucky to get into a full time contract with a client, management forgets about you... Until you mess up.

    8 years with a company, working various contracts with zero complaints equals... zero promotion.

    Manager often hires their friends, always overlooking more capable experienced, and tenured employees with an actual passion for the company.

  • Pourri pire compagnie rien de garantie

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  • Helping people and Maintain the cleanliness of the place and find solutions to the problems

  • Worst experience. Schedulers treat you like beggers when we call them for shift.and they are totally unprofessional zero etiquettes and low moral values regarding guards

  • In Fredericton, NB, my work environment was hostile. My immediate supervisor always tried to guilt trip staff into taking shifts, would shout, scream, and act like a child if he did not get his way, and was a pathological liar.

  • I think it would be a real great place to work

  • Professional

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