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They say to dress for a professional interview but I dont think this matters, they have in mind who they are interviewing so even if you look the part and pass the test, you've wasted your day. I'm starting to believe they just need to fill seats in the room, you're not necessarily there because you actually have a chance. But they've spent a lot of money flying recruiters in from Calgary to judge a lot of people so they make sure the seats are full...

Réponse du 25 octobre 2019

They don't tell you at the onset that the job is a union position. You don't move up based on merit. You move up based on seniority. You have to bid for shifts, and if your seniority is low, you aren't getting any shifts. I am still waiting for a permanent shift 5 weeks after certification. Definitely disappointed considering you wait 5 months from the date they give you the new hire package to the date you actually start working.

Réponse du 11 décembre 2019

They already know if you are being interviewed, they ask availablilty, if you are bilingual, can you legally work in canada, do you have a car, why do you want to work here and name a time you gave exceptional customer service. If they were planning to interview you they give you a time in this case for the next day, if not you just wasted more of your day and are sent home. Honestly if felt like they went in with a list of those they wanted already and the ones on that list that passed got interviews, for the rest you're just a testing number and probably just get the form letter in a week saying no thanks. If you write the tests and pass you should get a real shot at the job but I've read this is not reflective of the company at all. People aren't treated very well at Garda.

Réponse du 25 octobre 2019

Totalement inhumain!!!

Réponse du 16 septembre 2019

No, they tell you up front you are being recruited for part time position and the hours are not favorable since it is a union job, the long term employees get the best shifts and all the hours.

Réponse du 25 octobre 2019

They handed out interview times after testing, so far as I can tell the brief interview was pointless. They knew who they were interviewing before asking your availability. Why not just call out the names like you do the first ro rounds and save us all some time? Even if you pass the tests you may not get a real interview.

Réponse du 25 octobre 2019

Yes they do.
But generally speaking, if you're breathing and not a violent offender or thief... Even criminal applicants can get a job there.

Réponse du 1 septembre 2019

Nice company great service and environment nice jobs great sites very nice pay and many sites good working environment and very nice co workers good to work.

Réponse du 25 avril 2020

6 weeks and if you fail a test during this time you're done.

Réponse du 25 octobre 2019
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