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GardaWorld n'offre aucune protection aux agents de sécurité contre les clients difficiles.GardaWorld est le pire des pires quand il s'agit des employés. Il n'y a aucune protection légale pour les agents de sécurité, et la plupart du temps, ils vous envoient à 40 km de chez vous sans même vous payer les kilomètres. Si vous êtes envoyé chez un client difficile, sachez que Garda ne fera rien pour vous, car ils n'ont aucun contrôle sur les autres entreprises pour lesquelles ils envoient des agents de sécurité. Faites attention à l'entreprise pour laquelle vous travaillez.
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Stressful place to work

What is the best part of working at the company?Going home after a 12 hour shift What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Dispatcher takes all the initial headaches from clients when a guard no shows or screw's up.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Your just a number. They don't care about youWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Getting headaches from clients. You're responsible for other people mistakes
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Decent pay, work culture isn't so great

The day goes by fast, depending on which shift you are on. Flexible vacations and trade schedule. Most management were screening officers so there are room to advance if you want the title but pay and benefits are not unionized. The management could improve their communication and coaching skills. It takes time to get used to the jobs and find your people at work, but when you are comfortable with tasks, it will be a breeze every day. The pay rate changes based on your accumulated hours but capped at around $28-29.
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Hard to manage the team as the guards are aware they have strong union support.

Hard to manage the team as the guards are aware they have strong union. Not a supportive management at all. Too much tantrums. They are not open at all just want what is right for them to keep the contract. After all it's a "Business".

Points positifs

Management is bias.

Points négatifs

Very very bad working environment. Too much politics a d leg pulling.
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Best company to work with. All benifits and nice and supportive managers, helpful people and all are nice , rotational shifts and all timings , best for people
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Very difficult and highly underpaid, but good experience to move up.

What is the best part of working at the company?Incredible flexibility, the company allows you to have free range with shift trades, early departures, late arrivals, and even book offs (where you call in for whatever reason) once you are done probation. This is entirely because the company is inefficient and slow to react, and if you do abuse it blantantly far too much then you might get some progressive discipline, but overall the flexibility in most any position with them I’ve seen allows this. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?You have so many different stakeholders putting pressure on you it’s absurd (within the aviation side of the business). As a screening point manager, I have direct and constant interactions with tens of stakeholder groups each day, from passengers, to government oversight, to the wheelchair services, to each and every airline (and tons more) at Toronto pearson it is very stressful, but fantastic experience. As a screening officer, you generally deal with these same stakeholders and the same number, but once you don’t feel like dealing with the situation anymore you are well within the norm to hand it off to the screening point manager. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Chaotic and cluttered. There is a large push to be unified (from union, the company, or even the government training), but within the officers everyone has organized into very large groups of friends which all have their own environment and culture. What is a typical day like for you at the company?I take control of the checkpoint - 
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Productive work environment

It’s was my best experience till now working with them. I’m glad to be the part of this organization again in future . One of the best company to get hired with. Thanks
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Great place to work

Great place to work and grow. Management is supportive. Many online training available free of cost for employees. Colleagues are good and friendly.
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Great flexibility

Great flexibility good if you are in school, this not a career per say but more of just a job. Don’t need security experience not a lot is asked of you and not a lot is offered to you.
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Flexible work schdule

Everything was good , easy sites and you just have to do the shift and no one bothers you , you can work as much as you want.never faced any issues. overall good

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Nothing much
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Best for students

If you are student. It’s the best place to work. They have lot of sites so you can find work easily. You can also pick up shifts through ehub. You can do assignments at work
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Responsible position during events at Tropicana Field. Management made sure I received proper position training. Also positions were changed to get a varied work experience
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Hired and suspended 2 days later never call back Found 1 year 6 month later they are no longer interested. They don't really care about you they want contract and money for themselves. Making promises, Not to be trusted.

Points positifs

fair wage

Points négatifs

very dishonest
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They don’t care who they hire

It doesn’t matter how hard or well you do your job this company will not stand behind you. I was physically assaulted by a site supervisor and nothing was done and also moved from a shift position I worked hard for to one that the supervisor knew wouldn’t work for me. Which forced me to have to leave the company.
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Fair employer

Garda was a fair employer, with a reliable schedule and unionized benefits. Co workers were kind and worked well together. Otherwise a pretty standard security employer.
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North America Security Service was very Security Organization/Garda Security Company.

Actually, North Security Services transfered me to Garda Security Inc. the reason why I left Garda was as a result of administration Problem, period
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Productive and fun environment

Proper orientation before startup was a good idea. Get to know about each and every aspect before actually reaching on site. It was good to work in a team.
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Hire one batch of criminals to stop another

This place has terrible management that will screw you over horribly no matter how long you've been with the company. My supervisor would full on lie to me at every opportunity and frequently violated basic worker rights and withheld weeks of pay. Do not ever accept a job with this company unless you want to wind up sleeping on a park bench.

Points positifs

At least i didn't die

Points négatifs

Basically everything else
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Attention to the movement of peoples

I have learn how to be leader at my work place. -I learn to pay attention to details in a secure Atmosphere! -the hardest part is when you are facing thefts in the facilities.

Points positifs

working lonely, indeepdently some time.

Points négatifs

tight schedule!
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Good workplace and fun people to work with

Meet people as they come into the office and check security alarms and door check passes. Why are you making me do this it's not like you will listen to me or my life gets better
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Regarding job opportunity

very good staff and management. opportunity to grow in the industry. paid on time but not good benefit. it was 4 days on and 4 days off work. a lot to learn.
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