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Can be really toxic

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Les filles sont vraiment toxique entre elles, c'est difficile de s'intégrer, beaucoup d'attitude et de pression entre les employés. tu cours partout, tu ne t'arrête pas, tu dois te coller aux clients et gérer tes collègues aussi j'éviterais le seul bonus est le rabais sur les vêtements.....
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Fun environment

Environment is great and managers are nice. Sales associate day to day includes greeting and helping customers. Would recommend to any looking for job
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Would not recommend!

TERRIBLE experience. I expected it to be a wholesome "girls working together" experience and it was 100% not that. The other sales associates were fine but I could not stand the managers one bit. It felt like a bunch of highschool mean girls bossing you around; they talk to you in a condescending tone and you can tell when they dont like you. They also expect you to harass customers to make an assigned personal sales goal (with no commission might I add!). You also have to stay 2 hours after closing to reorganize the store which is exhausting, and if the job is not done exactly how they like it they make you restart your task. I could not say how much I disliked this experience enough so unless you like to kiss up and act fake towards the managers, save yourself.
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Would not recommend

if you want to work here as a university/college student don’t! The management is not understanding at all! They believe that a minimum wage job is more important than school and will try to make you feel bad if you don’t prioritize work! They expect you to not have a social life or familial responsibilities and drop anything you are doing at any time they want you too! I understand the level of customer service they would like to uphold but you are not compensated for the effort you put in! Not to mention only management is rewarded for the store doing well when we used to receive bonuses at part time staff for meeting our goals and the stores goal now we’re just pushed to do extra work for nothing in return!

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Everything else
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Fun and Positive Workplace

I loved my time working here, the manager staff was fantastic and it was always a good time. The location itself was slow which made the short shifts feel long and less hours to give out but that was not in the manager's control. Great experience!
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Overall it was okay, poor store management

Poor management, vacation time was never approved and favourite staff received all the working hours. Overall not a bad retail company to work for, I just didn't work at a good location.
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Organized enjoyable

Great first job it teaches you so much about the working world. It was a very organized scheduled work environment. Slightly stricter than most other retail stores but that’s not a bad thing it teaches great work ethic and responsibility. Also compare all retail experience to how it was for me at garage
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Average Job

Hours very inconsistent, unrealistic sales goals to hit. Cannot leave your “area” when assisting customers (you’re assigned an area of the store beginning of shift)
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Fun environment

Decent hours as they are mall hours. Closed most holidays. Irregular work schedule, management positions are great as you get a set amount of hours. PT positions are tough because you only get hours during busy season
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Fun Workplace but Standards aren't there

During the holidays it was awfully busy and I'd get yelled at for doing another task I was asked to do because it wasn't the og task I was given. It's fun when it's not busy but stressful when it is.
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Bonne ambiance

C’est agréable d’y travailler, beaucoup de tâches répétitives, devrait mieux payer mais sinon je recommande fortement. 50% de rabais sur tout article a prix régulier.
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Respect l auraire du travaille

Maintenant l enterprise est ferme je suis a la recherche d'emploi pour aider quelqu un

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Courtesy de pause asurance maladie
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Okay workplace with fun coworkers

The coworkers are fun to be around. Little hours are provided but you can try work with it or find a second job. Customers are friendly and it’s not as busy so you won’t have to run around as much
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Great starting job

Working here is like hanging out with your friends, everyone in my team is super nice and are really quick to help you out if you have a question!!!!!
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Fast-paced workplace

Wouldn’t highly recommend. Workplace overall is okay. Co-workers are nice yet management is not the greatest especially regarding time off. Gets very boring after 5-6 months. Usually long shifts 8 hours plus and you have to stay in the store usually 1 hour after close to clean. Holiday & weekend availability is a must. Shifts usually range from 8:30am-10:30pm.
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Horrible management

The only pro is the discount and even then you have certain restrictions. Management will judge you for anything and make you feel uncomfortable. Hardest part was being there!
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great company

J’ai adoré travailler dans la compagnie, beaux rabais (50%) pour les employés et bonne ambiance dépendant des collègues de travail. Mes collègues ont été la raison de ma passion au sein de l’entreprise mais aussi la raison de mon départ après un changement de l’équipe de gestion
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Fun and easy.

Was hired for seasonal and only lasted three weeks. They didn’t even tell me how long I would even be there but I thought it would be longer. Besides that it was a good job. I liked the discount and the girls were nice. They just cared too much about how much money each employee made for the company a day which was stressful. Besides that it was easy.
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Je suis rester à cause de l'équipe. J'étais dans le bas de l'échelle et le tout paraissait. La responsable visuelle ( qui s'occupe de plusieurs magasin) avait que des mauvais commentaires.
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Great discount

Very cliquey, especially if you start within management without having worked there prior. Great discount and good pay. The DM is really nice and understanding, other managers are pretty hit or miss, if the manager or assistant doesn’t like you, then it’s not a very healthy workplace environment and there’s not much you can do as any complaints get sent to the manager to handle.
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Job étudiante parfaite

Si tu tombes dans une belle équipe l’expérience est vraiment agréable.Un bon rabais employé. Les heures ne sont pas réellement stable à moins d’avoir un poste. Pour une temps partiel, tu peux avoir 20h une semaine et 3h à la prochaine.
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