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Fun workplace but can’t make a liveable wage there.

Overall, great starting job for younger girls. But there is almost no room for advancement. You have to do jobs you aren’t paid to do, and run a store with little to no pay. I will not be staying here much longer since the responsibilities do not add up to the compensation.
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Overall a great place to work.

Fun work environment but can be stressful at times. Very long hours and high expectations that, at times, are almost impossible to achieve. Very little training.
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Fast paced but fun place to work at

I was very pleased with my time at Garage, I loved all my coworkers and got along with the customers very well. It was overall fun but at times very stressful and draining, retail is definitely not an easy job.
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There is room for improvement

As a first job, this is perfect; however, there was a lot of drama and gossip among the staff. The discount is really good and the hours are good and flexible.
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horrible and not fair

when i first started working at garage i loved going to work and had a good time. now i hate it and dread going there. the managers are not fair and do not listen to your needs. they also will change your schedule without telling you and make you stay for those hours. they care only about the company and not what you need or want to do. there is little to no support when you need help and get upset when you make the smallest mistake. i do not recommend working here.
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Got screwed over for pay so do not recommend

I worked there for 2 and a half years and found out that the new hires were making more then me (they increased the base pay rate but did not increase my pay) then refused to give me a raise. I asked for a raise and stood up for myself while still being professional (in my opinion) and I just got told that I was aggressive and the only way I could get a raise was if I took a higher up position. And get this, the higher up position would have been a 20 cent raise (which would have been 5 cents more then EVERYONE else was making). Just felt like the company did not care about all the hard work I put in. Apparently they are now increasing the pay for sales associates and the management I had left. I have heard the environment has gotten better if that means anything. The other workers (sales associates and most team leads) were awesome to work with the company just seems a bit corrupt. They also made someone come in while they were on sick leave. Also took them over a month to get me my holiday pay that is supposed to be paid out on your last pay check.
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Super Fun

I loved working here. Everyone was super nice and it was really chill. Sometimes it got busy which was great, but also nice when it wasn’t busy. Learned a lot

Points positifs

50% off
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cool coworkers but stressful and long shifts with not so long breaks, the pay is also really bad. they will make you work regardless of if you’re free or not they don’t take in mind your availabilities

Points positifs

50% off clothes

Points négatifs

long shifts
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excellent for a first job

I worked there when I was 15 up until I turned 18. Great first job just as I got older I wanted a new environment. The locations I worked always seemed to be understaffed because low and behold.. they hire teenagers!! So high schoolers availabilities suck, so if you're out of school and they know that, they will harass you to come in when you're not scheduled which can be annoying for some and a bonus for others.
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Mediocre at best

They have a set sales target for you to reach with zero reward if you hit it or surpass is, you don’t make commission but they expect you to work like you do. Managers get a bonus if you hit monthly target and employees see nothing for their hard work. Long hours on your feet. Expected to pick up shifts and gets guilted if your sick and can’t come in.

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Points négatifs

Long hours
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A fun workplace

I was only a seasonal associate at Garage during the holiday season, but the store I worked at was pretty chill. They gave me a day where I just shadowed the other employees and did their training modules. One downside is that they didn't really give me that many hours during the time that I worked there.
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Fun but low hours

It was a really easy and mostly relaxed job. Good during school due to low hours but no incentives to sell even though they expected a lot from you. Loved my coworkers and the discount, management could be very disorganized at times.

Points positifs

Chill, discount, coworkers

Points négatifs

Low hours, no incentive, too slow sometimes
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Horrible management

Hours are very low but it's a retail store so you can't expect much. It's only a good place to work if you're in high-school. If you worked closing they'll make you stay until 9ish even if you were off at 8-830, to clean without pay
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Nice work for a teenager

Nice work for a teenager! The store is well maintained and breaks are fun. Discounts on clothing are nice. The other sales associates can be mean and catty.
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Okay Experiene but great dicsount

The working experience there was good because the staff were great! Management was terrible, especially upper management. They would watch you on the camera at head office and then call in if they saw you we're being"productive" enough.

Points positifs

Employee Discount

Points négatifs

Too much inventory
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Fun for retail newbies

For interest environment to work. Friendly coworkers and supportive managers. However, limited hours and no commission. 50% of regular items and sometimes sales also.
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Poor management

Poor management practices , company culture is toxic to young women. Policies are irregularly followed. Staff are not paid enough to compensate for the role expectations
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Fun place to work as a starter job

It is a great place to work as your first job or as a student. The pay was minimum wage when I worked there, but the work was not difficult. Can be great if you get the right team!
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Productive and fun environment

Very fun workplace where management was very helpful and amazing to work with. Everyone worked as a team and lent a helping hand whenever needed. Can get busy at times but mostly a relaxed work place
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Rumours are true

If you want to know about what it’s like at garage go watch tiktoks of people who currently don’t work there. Bonus if they are a size Large or bigger. Felt not included and not valued. Some managers felt a little too expensive about being a manager.
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