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Caissière et service à la clientèleCrier (Centreville, NS)
le 23 août 2020
À mon avis, j’aimerai travailler avec vous
Parce que j’aime l’endroit où on peut communiquer avec des gens
Visual Assistant (Edmonton, AB)
le 19 juillet 2021
The whole company is corrupt tbh
I started as a PT sales associate and moved up to a Visual Assistant after a few years. Once you’re in a management role the upper management watches every single thing you do and basically nothing is ever good enough for them. It was very stressful and unnecessary for it just being a retail store. Save yourself the stress and don’t work here.
Sales Associate (Mississauga, ON)
le 11 mai 2021
The management picks favourites and treats them nicer than other employees. They talk about you behind your back and make the newbies work the hardest. Overall very fake and toxic environment. I wouldn't recommend. The pay isn't worth it.
Manager (Fort McMurray, AB)
le 20 mars 2021
Great place to work. I have an amazing team and we enjoy all our time working together.
Garage is an amazing company to work for. Your higher ups are always there to help when you need it. I have an amazing team that work for me, and we all enjoy working together. Our clothing is made very well , great material and very comfortable.
Sales Associate (Winnipeg, MB)
le 11 mars 2021
Amazing environment but unstable hours
I have worked with this company for over a year now and it has been an absolute pleasure. The management is relaxed as long as you don't slack off. If you are good at keeping busy and staying on task there is no micro-management which is always good. I describe my experience as relaxed yet busy at the same time because it fluctuates during different seasons of the year. Some days are quiet and boring and other days there is lots to do. Garage is super flexible with hours and understanding if emergencies happen. I have made life long friends who I see outside of work. Not only that but I am pleased to consider my managers my friends as well. Each employee has a sales goal every shift. When a customer is asked who helped them it is put into our systems to calculate employees sales as well as how many emails and loyalty accounts are given. The company used to have a spotlight program that gave employees a bonus if they made 125% of their sales goals in a month. Due to covid this has stopped but the sales goals have not. We also have a school reimbursement program that helps students who are in school. This is amazing but it isn't well run. I applied and never received any sort of email or confirmation and have spoken with others who question if the program is still running due to covid. Never confirmed.I recommend working here if you are a student not looking for a lot of hours unless you are interested in management. Hours are very inconsistent which is quiet unfortunate. One week you can work 30 hours if you pick up shifts and the next week you can work one, three hour shift. Hours can be available throughout the week to be picked up. I find that these issues are not due to management but because of the company. The company begins new initiatives without considering employees and without sorting through any hiccups. We began a chat system and are expected to help customers online while working in store. This can cause issues with theft as employees may not be fully tentative. Employees will also begin a chat with a online customer then get a full wave of in person customers and abandon the chat without a thought. They also somehow changed our capacity of 25% from 14 to 18 which is inconsiderate to employees. It also doesn't add up due to the fact that we have 2-5 people working throughout the day which means the capacity should be changing but is not.Overall I recommend with Garage as it is a super fun place to work and can be super chill. Just seems like the company needs to figure out how to take care of employees more, keep things consistent and more organized.

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