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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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good for first job

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Great job to meet personal goals and improve yourself. You always have time to chill and think about how you want to work. Due to the lack of encouragement for employees, you are not required to work very hard, it's not gonna be paid off.
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Positive work enivronment

Very fun and positive work environment to work in, and coworkers are always helpful and welcoming. Management is also good and very positive and willing to help at all times.
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nice staff but where was the training?

hired on the spot, started almost immediately. staff is nice and friendly enough. However, I didn't get trained and was thrown on the floor on my first day without even knowing how to properly fold the hoodies Lol
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Not enough hours, bad managment

Minimum wage. Not enough hours. No benefits. Not recommended as place of work. They need new management in lime ridge mall branch. Always staff leaving and hiring new people for short time
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Good first job

Good training, okay hours. How your job is dependent on management. The store is always understaffed and a mess which is stressful. you always have to deal with terrible customers. you can learn many new skills and it’s good retail experience
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Good retail experience, pushy mgmt

Worked at a Gap Factory, it was pretty chill minus the constant pressure to force customers to sign up to the rewards program. There is a constant reminder by managers to literally manipulate customers into signing up which made me hate working register. The hours were pretty bad too, around 10 hours a week and new employees always did closing. But sometimes we got treats and I liked that.
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Excellent management and fun workplace

Great first job, not very much room for growth after a certain point but that's just the nature of working in retail. Majority of the coworkers were great people and made working fun.
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Management is terrible

One of the managers used to have intercourse clients in the break room. They take advantage of young workers and do not listen to their workers when time off is needed or if they mess the schedule up
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Productive and fun

I love to work with my team, feel Encouraged by my colleagues.My manager is supportive and helpful with me as well.Environment is very nice 😊 I learned time management Team work Customer Service is very important for us.

Points positifs

Flexible hours

Points négatifs

Sometimes not getting enough hours
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- good for part-time workers- can pick up shifts ( use app to do so)- good company and employee discount across all sister brands- i enjoy working here.
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Easy, fast-paced, high-pressure job with flexible hours

Retail generally has a high turnover rate. Coworkers are great but it’s very easy to get on management’s bad side. If you’re too opinionated don’t expect promotions often.
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Great place

The staff and management were all so friendly and the company itself was very good to work for. Its a great customer service job and great place to build up

Points positifs

Great management

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Fast paced at times but fun

It was stressful during busy days but the people really made it worth it. You make really good friends there. The work adds up, but if you're consistent in your work, you'll be fine.
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Stressful but fun with great coworkers

The job is pretty basic when it comes to retail. As you grow within the company, you develop more skills and once you and the rest of the team reach the proper training, you guys will wonder wonders!
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Poor managment

management is poor. very inconsistent with methods of running the store. store and expectations are uncollaborative and will cause stress. poor hours when no money is being made and favouritism is selective
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Rude staff

Worked seasonal, didn't have a great experience. No training is given and the current staff was quite rude and dismissive. Felt lost most of the time.

Points positifs

Work at the mall.

Points négatifs

Rude management and staff
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Nice job for students

1.Flexible job specially for the students 2.Not bad hours for Students 3. You will make a lot of friends there 5. Nice discount %50 regular items and sale %10
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Fun place to start in retail

Fun place to start in retail as a student. Don't expect too much hours. Lots of stuff to learn and duties can vary from different days and time. Don't expect more than minimum wage for many many years .
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It is a fun place to work at

Great experience for me. Job duty includes packaging, serving customer at the dressing room and tidying clothes on site.Every four hour has a minimum 15 mins rest. People there are friendly and helpful even though I am just a part time worker. After closing down Oakridge brand, I was lucky enough to be transferred to the Metrotown brand. Duty over there is almost the same.
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Fun Environment With Great Coworkers

I enjoyed working at the Gap a lot. The only tough part about it was when it got crazy busy and customers gave you a hard time for it. But on these long days, managers provided food and drinks to help make up for it. You get trained to do all roles, so your days don't all look the same. You may be a cashier, helping in the fitting room, and working in the back all in one day. Overall great place to work at.
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Amazing place to work, with great management and team members

I really love working here. Management is wonderful, they're super understanding and flexible. They train you to give you the skills and confidence to know I can handle any situation. It's honestly my happy place and I love coming into work. It really feels like you're part of a team here. The customers are also amazing for the most part, and interacting with them can be super enjoyable.
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Sales Associate chez Gap Inc.

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