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Mississauga, ON15 avis

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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Easy, fast-paced, high-pressure job with flexible hours

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Retail generally has a high turnover rate. Coworkers are great but it’s very easy to get on management’s bad side. If you’re too opinionated don’t expect promotions often.
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Fast paced at times but fun

It was stressful during busy days but the people really made it worth it. You make really good friends there. The work adds up, but if you're consistent in your work, you'll be fine.
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Stressful but fun with great coworkers

The job is pretty basic when it comes to retail. As you grow within the company, you develop more skills and once you and the rest of the team reach the proper training, you guys will wonder wonders!
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Nice job for students

1.Flexible job specially for the students 2.Not bad hours for Students 3. You will make a lot of friends there 5. Nice discount %50 regular items and sale %10
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Fun place to start in retail

Fun place to start in retail as a student. Don't expect too much hours. Lots of stuff to learn and duties can vary from different days and time. Don't expect more than minimum wage for many many years .
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Please give jobs to 20 hour employees

I love working in Gap inc.Happy and positive environment . People from different cultures get along very well and help each other. I am ready to work in Gap warehouse for rest of my life.

Points positifs

Money bonus
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great besides management

ive worked at this particular location for quite some time and almost everyone who worked here when i first came has quit, MANY have left due to how toxic the workplace has become. This is the fault of the head manager who is so obsessed with making money that she chooses to treat her employees as well as assistant managers like stupid robots. Ever since the new head manager was hired the work environment has become incredibly degrading. No one is excited to come to work due to the constant negative remarks coming from the managers. they will make a fuss over how slow youre going but cant even do the job themselves which is ridiculous. the workers are great and truly are very supportive but it does not make up for just how immature the management is. They want the environment to be like a family but the managers are the ones who are the issue and create unnecessary competition and drama.

Points positifs

good pay, friendly coworkers, give shifts based on your schedule most of the time.

Points négatifs

management is toxic and abliest, customers are rude, a lot of screaming babies, management is immature, competition
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Good place for work

Good place for work . Management is very good Great discount Very nice atmosphere All the managers are very helpful and cooperative. Good salary and good hours
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Great place to work

I am working part-time as a sales associate at Gap. Based on my three months experience please find below pros and cons of working at Gap : Pros : 1. The workplace is good and well maintained. 2. Managers are very supportive and helped all the newcomers in understanding the roles and responsibilities. 3. Shift times are flexible and can be changed with prior notice. 4. After every two hours of work, you can take 15 min break. Cons: 1. Salary is very less not as per minimum wages. 2. Timings and number of hours per day were not fixed, sometimes we worked only for 3 hrs a week in off-season months.
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I spent a couple months at gap and it was a good time, they treated me fairly and i really felt welcome and it was like a second home. My co workers were very nice and respectful, it was always a nice time working with them and they were funny.
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Productive and fun workplace

I enjoyed the interactions with customers along with helping them in my own capacity It helped me with keeping an area tidy and clean and also helped with better my sense of fashion.
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fun workplace

they were good. they were paying good and the most important thing about that place was that working there was fun and in future if i get chance to work there, i will definitely work.
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Learned how to use a scooter for fast paced picking. Packing into correct bags and labeling bags correctly. Very friendly staff. Pleasant work atmosphere.

Points positifs

paid lunches

Points négatifs

sometimes not enough work
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Short Term Contract

This was a pop up seasonal contract that only lasted through the Christmas holiday. Nightshift during a cold cold winter. Good experience working within the Network environment.

Points positifs

I got to prove myself

Points négatifs

It was a temp gig
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Overall Decent

At first glance, it is a perfect job. Typically get the hours you want, asking the manager is all you really need to move positions (same base pay). Younger staff, personable people. The job starts weighing harder on you a few months in. Managers can be flaky and unhelpful at times, and while they are often doing their best, they can only do so much to salvage a dying company. Furthermore, Sometimes managers like to pull rank on each other, which makes things difficult in higher stress situations. Often, I would show up to work and they'd cut shifts that didn't need to be cut, often leaving two people to handle a busy days' cleanup just to meet comp. On special promotion days and holidays, managers would get food for the staff, which was nice. Customers are the worst part of the job, as to be expected. Often, managers will bend company policy without explaining them to the customer, so it reflects horribly on regular staff, who now look stubborn and uninformed. Pay is increased based on performance, but seasonal employees make a higher base and often are asked to stay, and are often not the most competent workers, leaving lower payed and overall better employees doing most of the work. Pay is also not scaled, so if minimum wage increases, no matter what your current salary is, it will not increase with it, which feels like a wage loss. Not a horrible place to work if you have ins with managers, but it gets draining and monotonous (even if every day is a new experience, it's usually a cookie cutter bad one with customers). Also has one of the best discounts a retail - 

Points positifs

Friendly staff and managers, amazing discount.

Points négatifs

Unstable hours, shaky management team, no visible upward mobility.
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