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Why did you leave your job at GAP Inc.?

8 réponses

  • WORST management team
    NO HOURS and always CLOSING

    Cut shift BEFORE 2HRS to START

    And always call for LAST MINS

  • Answer a person will leave a job Death in the family or a seasonal job has ended .or family is moving away to another province .

  • Apply for the position that was on the posting .pt or ft. .and see where the job is and what the job is old navy , banana republic or gapinc. baby gap.and apply online for the job your applying for.and send it in and wait for your reply.

  • Answer;when you were hired it was for a seasonal position and it was temporary.and then it was an end to the position which u were hired.

  • 3 year on afternoon shift. applied for day shift many times and never got it. company only cares about the company. forced to work 48hour a week. no time to do anything but work sleep work sleep. hires mostly ppl that dont kno about labour laws and dont have a voice.

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  • Have to be a full-time mom for my 4 year old son

  • I was seasonal

  • Better opportunity

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