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Fast paced working gigantic warehouse

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Working at galaxy home furnishing taught me to work in very fast paced environment and to keep work area clean and tidy. Moreover ,I learnt to be punctual on work. According to me nothing is easy and nothing is tough so I loved taking challenge of meeting production deadlines on time and accomplished this feat continuously for two years.
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I liked to work over there but I want some more job opportunities to enhance my skills. I am capable of doing every kind of hard work. I am a reliable person.

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Free lunch

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Good Workplace

Good environment for work Good team Learnt a lot of things from my work experience in this company Freedom to choose the way to work and take initiatives

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Relaxed work enviroment

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No growth
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type of work- good more learned managment is good good team work good co-workers direct report to management i am enjoyable part of the job
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Great Experience in field of International purchase and Logistics supply

- Email communication with international supplier for purchasing inventory from overseas - Pricing decision, quality check & finalize all supplier contracts. - Monitoring sample, packing & material etc. - Obtaining new suppliers proposal, negotiating trade terms & condition, set up business relation - Coordinating with forwarder for overseas logistics shipment flow including transit way instruction, release or delaying containers - Maintaining records of supplier contracts, agreements, Items ordered received - Processing purchase orders & invoices, Containers receiving, inventory updating in the systems. - Forecasting inventory level, demand of the products and order accordingly. - Cost, pricing and profit calculation per product. -Product issues communication with supplier.
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Very Productive with a lot of space to work with a mini office to work in

Most of the time was to take of files and other documents in the office. Other times were to showing customers furniture and telling what furniture is good for them and finally finalizing deals. I learnt how to manage files and important documents. My co-workers were a few so they were in their departments. The job was very easy and also fun

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free time

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sometimes got boring
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