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Why does there seem to be so much turnover in the accounting department at GAIN? They seem to always be looking for Controllers and Accountants.

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Right now the GAIN Group is expanding and needing more Accountants and Accounting Assistants to work at the new companies that are joining the group, as well as assist our current staff. Before, 1 accountant would be responsible for multiple dealerships but now we are wanting to have 1 accountant per dealership. Because of this, we are looking for a lot of new employees in that department.

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Plain and simple; they DO NOT LISTEN. They are disorganized and offer minimal training. On the dealership level, there is a great team environment but the support is not there when it comes from the higher ups. I've seen many good accountants and assistants come and go over a short period and it always comes from the top. Issues and concerns are not being dealt with properly and I know that most people fear bringing these issues up to the controller and HR due to their lack of support and failure to deal with past issues professionally.

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Poor training and zero support for new employees! A complete diaster. You have been warned...

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As with much of the company the management team is underskilled and overpaid. Hours are crazy with no overtime.

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Their manager doesnt have the proper training and is very self centered.

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