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Si vous deviez quitter G4S, quelle en serait la raison?

9 réponses

Liars and very poor management and low pay.
$13.20 an hour where most g4s areas other than Nova Scotia are getting $14.32 an hour which is 6% under national wages. They will loose their contracts for all the east coast


Toxic environment. Abusive management. Poor organization structure. Old-fashioned thinking & approaches. Better opportunities elsewhere.

As a screening officer, the inability to provide fair and balanced scheduling options for all staff.
The union focuses far more on the keeping the higher seniority employees happy, i.e. there's no level playing field.

If i can't give what is needed by the company. I think it's much embrassing to me to fail to fulfill what my company is expecting from me.

Left because was moving away.

Not a stable environment with union staff or management. Management do not have a clue what they are doing.

Employee neglect

Insufficient hours
HR's poor availability

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