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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez G4S?

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Train your management just because they have the job title doesn’t mean their equipped to be in a leadership role

Fire & replace all managers and up. More leaders, less bosses. Provide better, continuous training to employees. Build team work. Ensure employees have proper tools for job & better pay

Taking care of the staffs well being , being more organized, take actions within company to fix bad behaviors as some people are bullying others to shine and move up the ladder. Have a better Leadership... have Leadership training for Staffs ... too many people Bossing around ... we don’t need Bosses we Need Leaders that builds more Leaders!

I would treat everyone with respect, i will say sorry if i make mistake if i give wrong offer letter. I will hire people have professional customer service skills.

I would like to let everyone advance their skills by taking courses.

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Train my staff properly

Higher wages.

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