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I got hired a month ago but still haven't got a call for work or training. Did this happen to anyone else?

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No, I would follow up with the Branch Office Scheduler in your area.

No, was hired and train before I start work

I was sort of hired. I filled out "all" the forms required and then waited 6 weeks for my RAIC to come through. I assume they had me in mind for a job that needed that level of security. I hadn't applied for that job; I had applied for a a Parking Enforcement Officer job. I made a few trips to the airport to do more paperwork. The RAIC came through, I assume, and all systems were go to start the next Monday. Can you work anytime? Yes. Can you work 12 hour shifts? Yes. Wait! You need a week long course that starts the next Monday. Can you take the course? Yes. An hour later I get an email saying that they were in fact not going to continue to process my application. No job for me and no explanation after many requests.

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