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Salaires annuels pour le poste : Sales Representative chez Frito-Lay - Canada

Intitulé du poste
Sales Representative (H/F)6 salaires
Salaire moyen
43 134 $ par an
22 %
en dessous de la moyenne nationale
Moyenne 43 134 $
Faible 20 000 $
Élevée 74 000 $

Le salaire estimé provient de 5 employés, utilisateurs et emplois actuels ou publiés sur Indeed depuis les 36 derniers mois.

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Avis sur Salaire et avantages pour le poste : Sales Representative chez Frito-Lay

Bad pay for the hours

Used to be a good job, but management decided to cut everyone's pay. Most of the people that had worked there for years left. They now get new hires with very little training and throw them right into routes. The pay is not worth it for the hours you work

Points positifs

Work by yourself

Points négatifs

Picky management with no clue how to do the job
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People are leaving for other jobs.

I started working weekends then got summer contracts, now I get offered FT often but I keep rejecting them. Most FT people are leaving or have left; you will see many jobs post for sales rep positions which btw is not a true sales job. The company cut all commissions and now the long days are no longer worth it. Reps were able to push and work long hours because of commissions and make 60-90K. Now you'll make 40-45k max yet you will still be expected to hit targets!!!. So, if you enjoy waking up at 4am to get to grocery stores at 5 am and spending 7-15 hours a day for 40-45k this is a company for you. The company already brought out new products recently but soon they will bring 10+ new brands into the market which means you will be expected to sell more and stock more space than before but your pay will be the same. You don't get a raise in this position. People who have been here for 10+ years make the same now as someone who walked in yesterday and it WILL stay like that no matter what your told. Management lives on another planet. I once worked from 5:30am-8PM during a busy day that I knew was going to be busy so I asked for support; No help was sent; in fact, no one even knew I went home at 8pm. I don’t blame people at my local branch such as my mangers but instead just the company itself. I can now tell all the company cares about now is profit for shareholders and that’s it. Employees have become disposable. The company sends out orders to people at the top of the chain and than each manger forwards those orders to the person below him and eventually it lands at your - 
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treated employees well, good life/work balance promoted with in the company pay was more than fair respectable company within the community good benefits

Points positifs

honest days work

Points négatifs

busy at peak times of year
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Le salaire moyen annuels chez Frito-Lay pour le poste Sales Representative - Canada est d'environ 43 134 $, ce qui représente 22 % de moins que la moyenne nationale.

Les informations sur les salaires proviennent de 19 données partagées par des employés et des utilisateurs ou récupérées via des emplois actuels ou publiés sur Indeed depuis les 36 derniers mois.

Veuillez noter que tous les salaires présentés sont des approximations soumises à Indeed par de tierces personnes. Ces montants sont fournis aux utilisateurs d’Indeed à titre de comparaison générale uniquement. Le salaire minimum peut varier en fonction de la juridiction et nous vous invitons à contacter l’employeur directement pour obtenir les montants salariaux réels.

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