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Sales Representative29 avis
Canada29 avis

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2,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle
3,7Salaire et avantages

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Bad pay for the hours

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Used to be a good job, but management decided to cut everyone's pay. Most of the people that had worked there for years left. They now get new hires with very little training and throw them right into routes. The pay is not worth it for the hours you work

Points positifs

Work by yourself

Points négatifs

Picky management with no clue how to do the job
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Not worth it

You'll be run ragged in a thankless, unappreciative environment with constant micromanagement. Every year you stay will be worse than the year before it.Workplace safety exists only on paper, but not in practice. Lots of injuries requiring time off.A culture that focuses entirely on numbers and does not care about the human side of business.There's a reason for the massive amount of turnover for a job with relatively good pay and benefits.

Points positifs

Decent pay and decent benefits, pay comes in on time for the most part

Points négatifs

Micromanagement, loss of independence, long hours, the EXPECTATION of free labour from Pepsico is soul devouring
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People are leaving for other jobs.

I started working weekends then got summer contracts, now I get offered FT often but I keep rejecting them. Most FT people are leaving or have left; you will see many jobs post for sales rep positions which btw is not a true sales job. The company cut all commissions and now the long days are no longer worth it. Reps were able to push and work long hours because of commissions and make 60-90K. Now you'll make 40-45k max yet you will still be expected to hit targets!!!. So, if you enjoy waking up at 4am to get to grocery stores at 5 am and spending 7-15 hours a day for 40-45k this is a company for you. The company already brought out new products recently but soon they will bring 10+ new brands into the market which means you will be expected to sell more and stock more space than before but your pay will be the same. You don't get a raise in this position. People who have been here for 10+ years make the same now as someone who walked in yesterday and it WILL stay like that no matter what your told. Management lives on another planet. I once worked from 5:30am-8PM during a busy day that I knew was going to be busy so I asked for support; No help was sent; in fact, no one even knew I went home at 8pm. I don’t blame people at my local branch such as my mangers but instead just the company itself. I can now tell all the company cares about now is profit for shareholders and that’s it. Employees have become disposable. The company sends out orders to people at the top of the chain and than each manger forwards those orders to the person below him and eventually it lands at your - 
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Excellent Company to work for

As a Sales Representative at Fritolay Canada I learned a lot about marketing strategy, selling techniques and the food industry as a whole. The opportunity for advancements were there and my coworkers were generally friendly. The hardest part about the job was that I had to work every weekend and given my hobbies/interests I ran into a conflict with this. The most enjoyable part of the job was the independence.

Points positifs

Benefits, good salary

Points négatifs

weekend work
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treated employees well, good life/work balance promoted with in the company pay was more than fair respectable company within the community good benefits

Points positifs

honest days work

Points négatifs

busy at peak times of year
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Good money, but even if you work hard, you don't advance very quickly.

Nothing wrong with the job, it just sucks that they are not unionized and go by seniority. There were A LOT of very hard working and high performing people while I was there but unfortunately because everything went on seniority, someone with more time in would get the better routes vs someone who easily out performs them.
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Great Conpany to work for.

Started as a summer student when I was in university and eventually secured a full time position as a sales rep. Good money and benefits. Was required to work weekends for years until positions opened up for midweek work.

Points positifs

Good Benefits

Points négatifs

weekend work.
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good company

Good benefits.good people.every job has its problems but if there are any here they dont compare to other companies. You work on your owm work with alot of people as well as meet new people everyday. Management overall is good. everyone seems to be in a good mood more often then other places i have worked.
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good benefits and pay to start

great benefits and great pay to start until you do really well then they take that away and make you start all over again. Year after year take pay cuts. Management is a joke out for themselves, tell you they really care about work life balance but don't observe it. Upper management is slimy and sneaky they pretend to look out for employees but go behind their backs to take them down.

Points positifs

great benefits package

Points négatifs

unsuitable management from top to bottom
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Great company

Hard work and good pay. You mus be available to work during the weekends. Company has a lot of procedures in place, safety is firs. It is hard to move up, the management varies depending of current structure.
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Great people, great job

The best job I've ever had, gives you the freedom to set your own schedule so long as you're willing to work long hours.

Points positifs

flexible hours, good pay, set your own schedule

Points négatifs

long hours, early mornings
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Great Company

- Delivery products and merchandise them- Learn a lot a lot, time management skill, skill to prioritize different call- Helpful management- nice co-workers- Hard: a lot of heavy lifting- Enjoy: Learning a lot a lot

Points positifs

great salary

Points négatifs

heavy lifting
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