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Ttes bonne entreprise bonne formation tres bon salaire pissibilite d avsncement transfeet a l ezterieur possible vehicule fournis ainsu que les costumes
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Made lots of money, if you worked earlier it made your day easier. Sometimes very long days, hard work-life balance. Liked how we went to monthly meeting and got pizza or sandwiches with everyone we work with in the region.
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Absolutely Awful

What is the best part of working at the company?The only redeeming part of this job is the paycheck.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Discrimination, Breach of Contract and Human Rights Violations What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Decent for the most part good co workers.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Incredibly slow the days drag on doing the same boring tasks
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Your a number

You are there to put up chips. Nothing more.Management is either to new or don't care unless it affects their job directly.No accountability for your co-workers that in turn make you work extra unpaid hours.

Points négatifs

Long hours, communication
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Ok job but don't hope for any training or support

Workplace is clean but other then that there's not much positive. No rewards for working hard, no communication from resources or management, no guarantees for hours unless you have been there for years. Company does not care about their employees.

Points positifs

Free coffee and pop if machines are working

Points négatifs

Not guaranteed hours
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You are just a number.

Twenty year employee. Quit and don’t regret it for one second. Only regret was staying for twenty years. Take this as a warning, do not work for this Ottawa branch. Read the reviews that come from this Ottawa based DC. Terrible management and absolutely no compassion for its sales people. The more you sell the more they will expect of you, exhausting pace to keep beating your previous years’ numbers. You will hate all holidays and long weekends. As a sales Rep. your route and salary will get cut the higher your grow your sales to help “grow” the business. Commissions keep getting slashed as sales reps. were “over paid” in Canada as sold to us by upper management. There are many other companies to consider that will give you the same salary and benefits Pepsico foods will offer. Company overall is ok to work for, it’s the revolving door of entry level, unqualified managers that keep getting promoted up the corporate ladder trying to prove themselves with no real understanding of sales or work life balance. They come in young and kidless with no understanding of family or basic compassion. Please don’t make the mistake I made of working for this Ottawa/ East Zone.
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Don't work here.

Pay and benefits are above-average, the actual factory floor employees are good people...and that's about it. Management is either incompetent or willing to cover-up and overlook safety in the name of production targets. Machinery is always broken or faulty in some way or another. Maintenance is deliberately underfunded and undermanned so the department head can net himself a bigger bonus for "saving momey on repairs and parts". The company will run roughshod over the union contract (if they even tell you about the fact you're unionized) thanks to corrupt union admins a few years back taking kickbacks to allow the company to do whatever they want. Employees get jerked around all the time by management and crewing...Oh, I just remembered; discount bags of chips on Thursdays. That's a good thing, right?
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Terrible company to work for. Keep looking for another job.

Frito Lay sucks balls. The management is terrible. They have no clue what they’re doing and they don’t have any people skills either. PepsiCo does not care about their employees whatsoever.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Long hours, terrible managers
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Repetitive, with not much room to grow unless you want to relocate regularly.

Little room for advancement unless you want to relocate regularly. Good sales training. The work overall in a bit repetitive. There is no real workplace culture because you are on your own 99% of the time. The compensation isn’t the greatest. The benefits of decent.

Points positifs

If you’re efficient, you can get away with doing a great job and working 32 hours a week.

Points négatifs

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The most negative place to work.

You'll never find more people bithc and moan about their job. From upper to lower management NOBODY cares for the employees. They are a turn style employer who removed more benefits than they provided during my time. I will never work for a publicly traded company again.
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Was a great place to work until it wasn't

Overall was a great company when I first started working for them. Management changed and then it wasn't. Work environment became toxic and micro managed. After working hard for years and even through the pandemic they gave everyone a pay cut. Unfortunately because of bad management and upper management people are leaving.
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Decent pay but they make you work for it

Has potential to be a great job , but management overlooks lazy co workers and puts more work on the hard working employees, the pay is good , but lays will make you earn it . 10-12 hr shifts that are very fast paced. I usual don’t eat lunch and rarely take breaks or my day would be 14 hrs . If you have the privilege of working in a main DC they are heated and decent. But if you are in a rural setting your warehouse will be a modified semi trailer with no heat . And well it’s Saskatchewan here so winter is no fun . Not a lot of room for advancement internally because they hire kids out of university with 0 experience in management roles . Decent job if you have good co workers. But you will work

Points positifs

Decent pay

Points négatifs

Very long shifts, extremely fast paced, working in poor conditions in winter, fleet department is terrible
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Stressful and poor management

RUN ! One of the worst places i work in a long time. Really bad management, micromanaging, poor training, no support, constant drama in between employees. Manager is never there and not even take take the time to say Hi to the employees……. I could go on and on! Don’t make that mistake!! If you like to be blamed for everything and been treated badly and been under paid that is definitely the place for you!
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Not trustworthy

I hit sales plan, I worked 10+ hours. My managers got bonuses on ours sales and I made less the more hours I put into my day. Lost many years of my life here. I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and left. If you are good at your job expect to stay in the same position, they don't want to lose their bonus. Someone make it make sense please.
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Pretty Good

As far as giant companies go, this is probably one of the best to work for. It's a good atmosphere full of good people who do a good job. There's nothing very rewarding about moving chips around, but if you don't care about that you can probably be pretty content here.
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Great Work Place

Loved working here. In being a market leader and owning the market it was typically easy to hit targets and bonuses. Management when I was there was good and the work days were very reasonable
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Great workplace

Very good pay, and the manager is really nice, if she can help you she will in any way and always have positive feedback. All the co-workers are nice and give great feedback and help they really make you feel like you belong there.
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Lots of OT hours

As a driver, it was a good experience. Lots of over time available. Trucks are good, well maintain. Pay is good; however, manual labor involves. a lot of hand-bombing.
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Fast Paced with zero raises

Great Place To Work 5+ years ago. When you sold more, you'd make more but recently company likes to keep cutting pay rates which means sell more to make the same. Will lose a lot of great employees if they don't fix pay structure soon. Worked there 5+ years and make the same as first year or less basically.
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Productive and fun workplace

Awesome management and keeps you active. You meet interesting people. The job challenges you to think on your feet. A great opportunity to work on social skills

Points positifs

Fair wages

Points négatifs

Potentially long hours
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Pay is the only benefit

I worked with this company for 10 years, And for the first couple years you were appreciated as a hard working employee and shown gratitude. Now new management, profits and bottom lines has changed this company. I will say they pay excellent, it’s commission based so you make your own paycheque, however if you grow your business to a certain point they will cut your commission the next year because “your making to much”. The company is a typical corporation that doesn’t know you as a person, how many hours you put into it and literally Doesn’t care. I’ve never worked for a company where I’ve felt so unappreciated, especially for the effort that this job takes and after 10 years I refused to give them another minute of my time.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Long hours, no Appreciation, typical corporate life.
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