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Ce que j'ai apprécié chez Frito Lay c'est que l'on ne paie pas pour travaillé on est payé. Mais c'est vrai que les journée sont longues.

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Aujourd'hui Frito Lay nous fournis un cellulaire. C'est une excellente initiative pour travailler. Mais le problème est qu'il y a tellement de email que je me demande s'il y a une autre entreprise qui s'est lier à Frito Lay pour tester notre patience. Il faut à chaque jour démêler les messages et 90% de ces messages sont vraiment inutiles. Petite remarque nous sommes des vendeurs sur le terrain et ce n'est pas du télé-travail que nous faisons. En temps de pandémie le masque, les lunettes, le désinfectant, la distanciation social, la zone de travail à désinfecter etc. C'est comme partout ailleurs je suis d'accord mais de grâces laissez-nous travaillé.

Points positifs

Camion assez ressent, Payé pour travailler et non le contraire, Dépenses payés si une obligation nous demande de sortir de nôtre emploie normal.

Points négatifs

Dans le bins (entrepôts) Pas de chauffage en hiver ou de climatisation en été
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Great until they took wages away

After 12 years was good until they decided to knock our pay down 30% … that was my time to move on….. typical corporate greed . Basically just told that’s the way it is
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1/5 for my experience

Good employees; very bad management. You can outperform people for years and still not be considered for better positions. Seniority has nothing to do with it. Too much favoritism is present in the company's culture. You don't move up just because you outperform others but instead you must be liked by decision makers. Turnover rate is very high because of this expect new job posting under "pepsico" every few month. When I look at the schedule within a year the list has all new names but me. I'm looking for new work. My time (years) spent here has been waste.

Points négatifs

very long hours with no breaks or lunches.
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OTR AZ Delivery Driver

You walk into the office and get your paperwork for the day. For me (Afternoons) that is driving to the same locations over and over again offloading trailers via handcart or dropping containers full of chips and picking up the empties. Place them in the proper sales lane and down-stack the cases of chips. Component pay structure so the faster you work the more you make. Get paid for KM's, cases of chips delivered, hooks, pre-trips, delay time. Claim work life balance, but there isn't any. Won't get any holidays in the summer months. Job requires zero thinking and is toxic to the human soul. You have to land somewhere on the autism spectrum to enjoy doing this work, but the paycheck is what keeps me there.

Points positifs

Can make over $100K/year + Flexible start times + Cheap Chips

Points négatifs

Job is unbelievably boring and brain dead
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Top employer in Canada

A good employer to work for, good benefits and solid pay. Hours are flexible, and the job tasks arent too demanding. Good opportunity to move up if that's your goal.
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Good place for Full-Time Students

Good place for students to earn income during weekends. Would not recommend staying long term, will take a toll on physique if not exercise often. Should always stretch prior to shifts.
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Good job for students

You work 12hours a week somewhere in the weekend (they change the weekend schedule often).Hardest part of the job: Very physical work and you're under a lot of heat depending on your work place.Pros:Free chipsSalaryCons:Everything elseOverall review: Not a great experience
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Ils vous mettes dehors sans raison

Ils ne veulent pas aider… Jamais vous aller apprendre de vos erreurs, car ils vous les disents jamais et après on mets le monde dehors…
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An ok job

Worked here for 5 years as a warehouse tech. Shift supervisors constantly come and go, usually don't last more than a year. Pay is good overall along with benefits once you qualify. Nice that they have 3 - 12 hour shift option. Not a bad place but not great, no work life balance.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Shift supervisors, No work life balance
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Bad Management, Horrible HR, Great employees.

Its a very sad place to work. Loads are always late, managers always pushing to get everything out of you but give nothing back in return. Safety is a non issue...meaning that they don't care about it. Frito only cares about pumping out more chips and are so poor in management that they keep paying 2$ for a dime. Stay away and stay sane. Keep your family life and go work elsewhere.
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Overworked and treated like a number

I worked part time. Was told everything was going great. The works hard but I loved the people I worked with. Then near probation they let me go and didn’t have a reason. But got warned by lots of people that they let go of part timers constantly cause they don’t wanna pay them. I think that’s literally sick. I don’t wanna work for a company that literally uses people when they could of said no and let that person find a permanent job…. Snakes will be snakes. Money is more important at the end of the day for them. Unless you get full time and kiss up it’s a nerve racking chance you can just lose your job.

Points positifs

Free chips

Points négatifs

Long hours, not promised a steady job.
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Good place to work

Lots of opportunity for advancement in the company if you start at the bottom. Pay is competitive with other places with similar positions. Management is supportive.
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Great place to work and would recommend to anyone that is looking for a job. Benifits are amazing as well. Only downfall would be you will be working on an off shift to start.

Points positifs

Great pay
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Physically Hard

You need a lot of sleep. Lot of hours. You get to drive different stores. Its good money, a lot of work. Just keep your head up. If others can do it, you can do it.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Long hours
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You are just a number

You are just a numberto them always asked to worker extra for no extra pay or perks did the manager's job partially for a salary based job constitaly fixing and mending relationships with store manager's because of my boss screwing thing's up not worth the headaches for what you get paid. Physically easy mentally draining job.

Points positifs

I worked by myself
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great company

drive around to several stores, where you would merchandise and sell potato chips/snacks etc... to them and take out dated product. fast paced, need to be organised.
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Great flexibility in hours but horrible pay

Has great benefits and gives a lot of flexibility for those with a busy home life. Unfortunately while product prices go up, there seems to be annual pay cuts in the commission sales reps receive.

Points positifs

Flexible hours

Points négatifs

Regular pay cuts
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Okay place to work

Pay is okay, but various shifts is tough to get used too. Like any job some people are nice and some people are mean. You just have to not take it personally.
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This company is a joke.

Working here over a decade and I can tell you that the way it runs has really tanked in the last 5 years. There is ZERO qualified management. They fire the ones with 25+ years service who know the jobs inside and out to replace them with a college grads who will work ridiculous hours for cheap. There’s no moral in that place, they don’t appreciate their employees as hard as they try to say they took us over 6 months of fighting the payroll and HR to pay us over time from Christmas , and constantly short changing us for months after that. Took us walking off the floor before they realized we were serious. They preach about work life balance, but bug you to work all your stat days. Resources will use any excuse to write you up to make them feel like they are doing their job. But if we go to them for help we get “ we will look into that” Every one says they are just their for a pay cheque but people don’t know how much happier they’d be if they left. It just drains your mental health with all the high school drama and lack of leadership. Stay away is my advise
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It's okay for what you do

Seems like the more lazy you are the better you get treated. Union is pointless. HR is a joke. Everything is always broken. Don't have the equipment you need to do your job.
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Avoid if possible

It’s a warehouse job so expect it to be gruelling, monotonous, work. Management is a joke, they can themselves leads but have no later ship qualities. They promote a culture of double speak and gossip. Unprofessional.

Points négatifs

Favouritism, Warehouse culture, Lack of accountability
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