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Comment décririez-vous lenvironnement de travail et la culture dans lentreprise?

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  • Very good culture during my time there

  • Its fast and they don't care if you get hurt so it's terrible.

  • You better expect to constantly have your pay cut year over year. No matter the growth you achieve or the targets you pass, you will be getting cut. The company cares nothing about you only the shareholders matter, and you will never have a full weekend off while you work for frio lay. Dont work here, go dig a ditch and be happy that you are not worked like a dog here for less and less

  • -Lead by ignorant management.
    -Workers hate their jobs and gossip constantly.

    -Management will lie to you when it works for them.

  • Some days workdays can be demanding physically but overall they can be easy. culture wise, always strive higher.

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