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What is the pace of work and the culture like?

8 réponses

  • No culture, no appreciation, no perks, no good. Narcissism at its finest, starting with the CEO. He's got to go and then maybe the place can turn around and improve...

  • Management is the problem. Southwood is over paid along with the rest of management who micro manage and a huge conflict of interest. They say it a family. It’s clearly not. The turnaround for hiring and firing is of another proportion. You won’t make it anywhere and won’t get anything for your hard work. Nothing for holidays. They take hour from your pay for lunch even tho your on site. It’s a big scam

  • I work there before I would not recommend working at this place. If the management is change?..
    Very a toxic place.

  • Managers love it cause they have the ability to abuse power and commit time fraud since they don’t answer to anyone.
    Caring employees are abused and rarely treated equal in most departments. Treated as a number, not a person.

  • Amazing to see all the poor answers and no positive one. I disagree with the previous three answers. I feel the culture is a great one. Challenges for sure, but where doesn't have challenges. The people that work here care and love this place. If you decide to be negative then you'll find negativity. I love this place and the culture is only getting more positive day after day!

  • Work pace changes day to day as communication within the company is very limited & VERY poor.

  • The culture is very toxic and it starts with the leadership team

  • Expect to never sleep and be on call 24/7. You'll have no work life balance and expected to work all the time. You'll be treated poorly by management and by residents and guests. Zero support, low pay and you have the blind leading the blind.

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