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Overall I enjoy my job and the people I work with. I've learned a lot about how CAO dramatically improves how a grocery store works.
Receiver/Inventory Maintenance (Employé actuel) –  Orangeville, Ontario.27 février 2015
I get to work for 5:55am to start filling out my log forms such as temperature logs for the coolers, maintenance logs for the machinery we have in the store and a few other log forms. After that's done I start on CAO (Computer Automated Ordering) which helps keep track of inventory in the store and in the start of my day is the most enjoyable part because no one is in the store I can listen to light music on my phone until about 7:40. Around 8am people have started showing up such as cashiers. I get along with everyone but know the limits within a workplace so I try to just stay neutral with everyone but the few good friends I have within the workplace. The hardest part of my job is running back and forth to get CAO done and receive 10-15 trucks throughout the day which in all honesty keeps me on my feet and moves the day along, so I don't mind it. Receiving requires me to fill out the paperwork and unload the trucks. When I've finished CAO I start on credit were I will throw out damaged or spoiled goods for store credit from that vendor. My management doesn't really bother me unless I ask for some assistance, but overall they are great and keep everything running swimmingly. If I get everything done early I will start putting product out on the shelf or facing the store to make it look presentable. At 1:30pm my day is done and I head on home.
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