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What are the work hours like?

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Up and down you can do 25 hour week a week or 12 hour week

48 hours in week

I get 4-5 or more a week 3 or more days a week because i'm in school which they are flex able to work around my school hours

Very minimal hours

It suck i have severe allergies to grass and pollen and weed and dust , I do cart and soil and I suffer real bad especially during the spring i thinking of quitting at end of the month because I hardly get any in the summer.

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I can work for atleat 40 hours in a week

Good at first then they would cut your hours without notice or care especially around Christmas time.

Shifts we're always scattered, but for the most part 2-3 times a week. They we're 3-5 hour shifts.

They cut down hours when they wanted to.

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