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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Très belle expérience dans une entreprise innovente. Bonne ambiance de travail
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Great place to work

Great place to work. The store has a good vibe. All the managers are respectful of the employees. It is a true family atmosphere which is hard to find these days.
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good place but less pay

good place but pay is soso too muck work because can't find qualify people you can try if you want but i am not recommand manager is not helpful they only care about customer
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Dairy clerk

Way to stressful and not credited or paid enough for what you had to do and no one helps out and it is a crazy environment to say the least have nothing else to say

Points positifs

Paid breaks

Points négatifs

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It wasnt for me

If my manager wasn’t the same i wouldve left the job way before i did. We get paid minimum wage and that id not enough. The only thing i liked was flexibility
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Productive and fun place to work if ur having a positive attitude.

Its a fun place to work at depends on how you can handle stress. Either with customers or co workers just probably co exist and just do what u are meant to do. And grow.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Tiring sometimes
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Hated it , lied to about the position

Didn’t have a good experience , was lied to about the position. Was told it was a full time position turned out it was seasonal . Didn’t give proper hours either .
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Family oriented work culture

Management lack communications skills and end up take all their issues on the part time staff. There is no advancement or job opportunities for the part- timers. Workplace culture is amazing. Most enjoyable part of the job is interacting with customers.
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A good place to start.

Being new to working, I was quite nervous thinking about working at a cash register the whole time but was quickly relieved to hear they had training. It was fun learning although they crammed information into three days, but they also assure that the employees and managers were willing to help if confused. So you are well prepared when starting the job and I am very grateful for that. The pay is also quite good for a part time in my opinion. The employees are very friendly here and as well as the customers, so be prepared to be a good speaker.

Points positifs

Free birthday cake on birthday, can go for a water break if there's no customers around, good training

Points négatifs

Rude customers, standing for long hours hurts the legs and feet
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not the worst first job

worked there for a bit and it wasn’t awful but i was in high school and they were giving me 25-35 hours a week. not a bad first job but if you kind find something better with your level of experience i’d take it
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Requires hard work but enjoyable

I would recommend this job to anyone that needs to get back into the flow of working or even looking for a second job. The people are friendly and management are fairly understanding.However, it can get hectic at unexpected times which means you may be understaffed for the moment. If you’re also a person who likes change this is not ideal as it is extremely repetitive

Points positifs

communicative management, friendly environment

Points négatifs

Very repetitive can get boring, on your feet for long
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A good place to work if you live in the area and are willing to put in the time

But not a good place to expect immediate advancement. Started in 2018 and only a year before I left in 2021 I was working full time. You need to be willing to put a lot of effort into learning the specifics of your department. Management is also very gossipy and will pry into your personal business often but if that doesn't bother you than it isn't an issue. Depending on department you WILL be expected to come in on call and you WILL be in hot water if you don't come.

Points positifs

Full time vision care, 25 dollar cake coupon for every employee on their birthday, COVID related coupons during holidays for groceries

Points négatifs

Management is constantly looking for issues, Gossipy environment amongst superiors, Your personal manager will say one thing to your face but another thing to their superior, your manager will throw you under the bus!
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Poor management

Management in my department has been there so long; part timers are expendable and paid less to do what the management/full timers don't want to do. Basically all the shifts the full timers don't want are offered to part timers; lot's of stupid four hour shifts;Young students get dumped on the most.

Points négatifs

No advancement
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Poor management and workplace doesn't value their employees.

If you are looking for a workplace who is not flexible, treats you as a number and will overwork you for under pay. Fortinos is your stop. Oh ya, got family and don't care about them? Neither does Fortino's they believ3 work comes first and will work you to the bone and throw you on the curb.
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Good job overall, would recommend working in the meat department. Although it is fast paced, I found my shifts flying by and had great co workers, decent pay. Good little job for students.
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Fun place to work

flexible work hours with room for growth. Great staff paid sick daysManagement handles you respect and are Quick with any questions related to the job I have left because of Relocation
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Basic Picking Job

It's a straightforward retail job. The picking process is easy to get ahold of quickly. People are friendly enough. In my experience management has been exceptionally flexible.
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it was an alright first job, but would not recommend

there is absolutely no employee appreciation, and they overwork and take advantage of their employees. being scheduled 12 days in a row then being told that i “have to put the business first” when i brought it up was the moment i realized that this is not the place you wanna find yourself working. putting the business first is not my priority when the company does nothing to appreciate the hard work their employees do. the only good thing i can say about this job is that i happened to have some good coworkers but i know it’s not the case for most people.

Points positifs

coworkers were nice

Points négatifs

terrible management, no employee appreciation
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Negative environment

Unfortunately employees are not valued.Management needs training how to talk to employees.A lot of unhappy people who cannot quit.No team spirit.High turnover.
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Depends on your manager

I had a great manager for a year and really loved and took pride in my job. She left on stress leave. Then during the pandemic school went back full time and my new supervisor had me working every day. I asked to reduce my shifts to student hours which I had been hired for. I was not heard so I decided to resign and focus on school.
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Enjoyable place to work

i enjoyed my time working here people are great management treated people well co workers are very friendly i would highly recommend joining the team
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