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    Dan Eisenhardt
  • Taille de l'entreprise
    11 à 50
  • Chiffre d'affaires
    moins de 1 million de dollars (USD)
  • Secteur d'activité
    Éditeurs de logiciels
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Customer Service Manager (Vancouver, BC)
le 25 juillet 2019
Collaborative team environment where your contributions are welcome
I've been with FORM for 3 months now, coming from a much larger organisation where it was difficult to be heard and valued as a contributor. Although I was hesitant about starting at FORM, where I would have to build my role and department from scratch (which I thought might be beyond my skill level), I'm glad to say that I have only received support and encouragement from everyone, and feel I have really been able to contribute to the company, and quickly own my areas of expertise. I have loved that my manager has given me freedom and trust to work the way I think I should, including my responsibilities, working hours, and the tools I use to do my job. I think if you want to work here, you have to be OK with things not being black-and-white or set in stone - this can be liberating for some, scary for others. FORM doesn't really put much stock in hierarchy and I feel that discussion and feedback is valued from every employee. It's also been refreshing and positive to be included in meetings and decisions that affect my department (which happened less in previous jobs). Having only worked here for about 3 months, I can't speak to long-term advancement opportunities, but based on management's attitude towards innovation and owning your role, I feel confident that they encourage advancement and growth! The culture here is great - everyone is friendly and there's no egos or cliques. I really like our Friday all-hands meeting (followed by food and drinks), as well as the monthly meetings where we can learn about different areas of the business. The only 'negtives' (if you can call them that) for me, would be that I would love to see FORM, like all businesses, keep moving towards more green practices in the office, like reducing waste and plastic usage; and I would LOVE it if the office was dog-friendly (for well-behaved pooches only, of course).
Software Engineer (Vancouver, BC)
le 25 juillet 2019
Rewarding and challenging experience that I would not trade for anything else
Working at FORM is like working on a final project at school with your best friends: It will be stressful, challenging and fast paced, but you will have the time of your life building it with some of the most quirky and lovable people you will ever meet. The team at FORM is truly one of a kind. All of the teams intertwine and overlap in some way, which makes for a cohesive working environment and ultimately a better product. From eating lunch together to company retreats, there are no divides or cliques among groups. Previous co-op students returning for visits are also a strong indicator of this inclusivity, as they are treated like a full time employee and are given meaningful tasks. As with most new companies, it takes time to optimize the product as well as optimize the team building the product. Since FORM has started, the management team has greatly improved the working environment. Although some issues still arise as a result of management error, the quality of their support and leadership constantly improves. What was previously a disorganized and biased experience has been replaced with a distinct feeling of inclusion and warmth that makes coming to work everyday a joy. FORM is also a company where your work is appreciated and you will directly see the impact you have on the finished product. The salary level for the software team is below industry standard, but the amount of responsibility you are given as an individual spawns a wealth of experience and skills you could not have gained elsewhere. However, the mindset of the software team would improve if salary levels were raised, as undermining talent with low salaries negatively effects morale. Overall, working at FORM has been a rewarding and challenging experience that I would not trade for anything else. I am proud to tell friends and family where I work, what I do and what we make, and that makes getting up in the morning worth it.
Engineer (Vancouver, BC)
le 19 juillet 2019
Internal management issues.
Pros: There are a lot of great and friendly people that work within the organization. Good location downtown. Cons: There is an expectation that you should work really long hours and weekends for no extra pay, equity and low salary increases. There is uncertainty pertaining to the viability of the product because the market is so niche. The annual raises given to employees (even high performing ones) are very low (1k) resulting in company turnover. Some of the management can be unprofessional and will often publically disrespect former colleagues and even potential hires in front of the team. Would not recommend.
Embedded Software Engineer (Vancouver, BC)
le 10 juillet 2019
A challenging, fast paced, impactful and fun place to work
This company is a great place to work at if you enjoy a fast paced start up environment where you given responsibility and can make an impact, minus the chaos that usually comes with it. The management here has had a successful startup before this company. They know how to create a high velocity engineering process driven by product requirements. They also understand the importance of transparency so everybody is on the same page. I also like how the management team is is pretty small compared to the amount of workers. The people here are friendly, fun and active. There are weekend hike groups. Some nice perks such as free food and beer.
Employee (Vancouver, BC)
le 2 juillet 2019
Delivering innovation. Owning your role. Growing your career.
This company is uniquely positioned in that the team at FORM are delivering a new product/innovation that has never been seen before and is truly disruptive for the market they are addressing. To thrive at FORM, you have to be a self-starter, a problem solver, and a team player. It's a team made up of industry veterans mixed with fresh faces from complementary industries, while coops are given a great opportunity to be exposed to the fast-paced environment of life in a start-up. You are firmly put in charge of your role and are encouraged to take risks and explore all avenues that will help drive success for the company. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and look to help each other to deliver the best possible product for customers. It's a very dedicated and passionate team that works hard during the week, but also enjoy hanging out together on Friday afternoons for food and drink (which is catered weekly). While foosball tables and a pool table make for nice additions to the office and ensure people in different teams can bond through games.

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