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bonne environnement de travail

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bonne ambiance et bonne équipe mais salair laisse a désirer
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Great workplace culture ,very inclusive work place, supportive co worker.

from the interview process to the onboarding and training you are extremely well guided , great work culture, very inclusive, supportive co worker and team mate , opportunity to grow and learn everyday with on going training on the job, management open door policies, great benefices, salary can review a little upward though aside that Great place to work ! the most positive work experience I have ever had.
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Solid place to work.

The work is not very difficult and they pay is very good, as long as you can deal with the repetitiveness of the work. As a TPT the management was pretty decent and everyone was very supportive.
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hard work with OT and gym usage

typical work day meetings steady on the go work not many breaks!!wash room breaks on the assembly line were hard to come by!!that why i ate my food and sat on the toilet at times!!eating my food!!

Points positifs

great cafeteria food

Points négatifs

lots of pushing to get the work done not a friendly enviroment
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good job

good place to work, i had an easy interview and easy assessment online. warehouse and staff a friendly always go to the supervisor for an issues you may have
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What a Joke

Just put a band-aid on it. Never repair it. Nothing but grief on breakdowns. Management doesn't care about your mental health or well-being. Been "laid off" for 4 weeks plus 2 weeks earlier this year. Get a part time job Management says.Skilled trades are treated like GARBAGE. No life planning at all

Points positifs

Can't think of one

Points négatifs

List is to long
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Terrible work environment with very bad management and bad union

Supervisors are very disrespectful and treat you like kids. They lie and write you up for a simple mistake. They force you to stay overtime even when there is no work to be done. Would not recommend working at this company.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Mandatory overtime, bad management, hot environment
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Best general labour job I’ve ever worked at

Extremely relaxed, employees are amazing, most supervisors are nice and understanding as long as your attitude is reciprocated, some supervisors just want to make their quota but they’re still decent people. HR is great, ergonomics are pretty good for the most part, pay is amazing, they’re understanding of disabilities, they always let me sit if I needed to on the line which helped me do a better job (i have scoliosis so standing for long periods are almost impossible for me), jobs are incredibly easy, you can pause the line if you have an issue or if you haven’t finished at your station, it’s just overall a great place to work for a general labour job.
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Very stressful.

A highly stressful position. You are always wrong, even when you are right. Union dictates everything. The constant struggle between upper management and the union.

Points positifs

Benefits and a good salary.

Points négatifs

Long hours.
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Production Team Member

When the plant is busy there is alot of opportunity for overtime. Mandatory shedualed Saturday while still working 48hrs during the weekend is tough on the body and family life when it is constantly.
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Great pay for students but management needs improvement.

Great pay for what the job entails and very straight forward. Very good for a college or university student! Cons include; long hours, mandatory overtime and micromanaging from certain supervisors. They sometimes lie to us and assume we don't know any better, when we do. Also, don't expect the Union to do much for you unless its a serious issue. Overall, very repetitive job and expect shifts to be cut every once in a while but the bonuses and time and 1/2 shifts are nice.
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No work/home life balance.

If you want a life, don't come here.... Good pay, but no work/home life balance... You'll see that in your co-workers there who are grumpy and miserable.. this place also breeds addictions from the mind numbing repetitive work. Hard on your body. Would have been a good job 20years ago. Avoid now.
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I love my work !

I belong to this workplace, I have a great Manager who is a Leader more than a BOSS, He always appreciates my work and that gives me lots of motivation to do my daily tasks!
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Super fast paced, rewarding, and satisfying. Lots to learn. Not payed enough

Worked for 2+ years at ford, staff was niceDidnt get payed enough for the amount of workGreat to get into of you want to learn about automotive. I have learned alot and am able to preform basic maintenance to all vehicles, it may kill your passion for cars when you work on shitboxes all day though so beware.
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Avoid this place...Oakville Assembly

Was great when I started. Lots of overtime and no layoffs. 2021 trades got laid off 15 weeks and production employees were laid off more than that. This year in 2022...had 2 weeks of layoffs already and was told to expect 10 to 20 weeks of layoffs more.If you love being laid off this is the place for you.Management has in no respect for trades and all they care about is saving money to fluff their bonuses. #1 person on that list is the plant controller who's obviously jealous of how much money trades make. He has no clue about trades and could care less if they lose their trades although it's pretty stupid because they can't hire anyone either.
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Good place to work

Huge company, many opportunities to grow. Management is ok (can be better) the best thing are colleagues, it's a fantastic team to work with.recommended to others

Points positifs

Work environment

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Skilled trades pay has fallen behind comparable jobs in the area. Pension and benefits are terrible.

Paid poorly. Treated poorly. Laid off numerous times totalling 12 weeks last year with no notice. Hostile work environment with no respect. People quitting all the time now. Not what it used to be. IBEW pays more, better pension, more vacation and better benefits
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Fast paced envrionment but due to shortage of parts etc there are weeks of layoffs

Can listen to music, even watch movies when you get comfortable with the job you own.Coworkers are really friendly and helpful. When work is good the management is also good but they are usually stressed out when work load is slow.
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Great place to work!

Working at Ford is like working for family. Everyone is really helpful and supportive. There's plenty of room for advancement should you put in the work and have the skills.
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I did my internship remotely, making the entire term feel disconnected from my supervisors and co-workers

I was assigned very boring QA work but I don't blame them too much since it was a 4 month internship, but still it would have been nice to be able to do something meaningful for the company.
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Feast or Famine. Layoffs

Good place to work. Decent pay. Lots of layoffs coming. Rumor is 25 weeks off this year. And they layoff trades which is unheard of. Fair warning.When times are good, you can make really good money. Management is very stressed when things go down. When things are running smoothly its a relaxed environment for trades.

Points positifs

Good money and overtime when times are good

Points négatifs

A lot of layoffs.
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