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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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j ' aime me sentir important

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j'aime avoir des défis ou me sentir important ...mais tout en sachant que nous devons toujours travailler en équipe respecter notre équipe... pour gagner la confiance de l`équipe , nous devons diriger tout en montrant l'exemple à suivre(procédures ou marches à suivre)...

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formation continue

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pas vraiment
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Very relaxed job with nice employees & employers!

I worked at flying j for about 3 years! I started when the location had just opened so everyone was new to the job duties but we all got along and soon enough it was a smooth easy going job! The company does well with noticing who works hard and they do give raises to those who do! Great job overall!

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50% off all fresh and cooked food!

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Customers can be rude.
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Good place to work

Great staff, good work environment, good hours, and great benefits, I enjoyed working for flying j. The management is great to with the employees, very good place to work

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Working outside in cold weather
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Good team

Strong team. Friendly environment.Feel welcomed. One Huge downside for me, would be the low pay. I believe the employees and managers deserve higher wages.

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Low salary
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Job gets more demanding as you progress in other areas than what you are hired for.

Make sure you understand the complete job expectation & be ready to work short staffed when someone calls in sick.Schedule may be changed without notice
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It's not for everyone but if you're a team player this is a good place to work.

Working in the deli was pretty typical. Check temps, make and bake pizzas, keep the hotline stocked and fresh and make sure you follow food-safe guidelines. The management was always respectful and did what they could to accommodate my disability. I really enjoyed and miss working with all those people. They are good people and as I said, if you know how to play on a team they will have your back.
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Smallest island in the largest ocean

Good luck. .no overtime money,worked 70 hours a week mandatory. Camera watching driver all the time. The equipment was decent. Only time you heard from dispatch or management was to add on more work.

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Never have to communicate with management

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16 hours 5 days a week
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Would not recommend

They don’t provide the appropriate training. Other employees there will go through your purse/bag if it’s kept in the back. Every manager will tell you how to do a task in a different way and once the task is complete,a different manager will come and say it’s not correct.
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Stupid place to work ever

No management, no body is going to listen you, HR not going to reply any of your applications, worst managers, manager are always doing partiality, people are sleeping in the night time during job.
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not a fun place to work

they don't care about you just work so they as management can get there bonuses there are only 2 prople that do the stocking and they do not know how to order they they bring in stuff that does not sell and they push you so hard to do stuff that is not
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Good experience with friendly coworkers for most part

Good place to gain retail and inventory management Great place to meet lots of diverse people from all over the world Overall good work /life balance in the schedules

Points positifs

Good wage and benefits
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Work till you drop

Constant 15 hour days, zero communication from dispatch or management. Stroking management ego was the only way to receive deserved bonuses. Head office never cared about the driver, as long as the work got done.

Points positifs

Flexible schedule

Points négatifs

65 hours a week
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Expect to do more than what the description says

you'll have to do more than what you're paid to do, you'll probably get stuck working doubles, management acts like they're running a military force, company doesnt care about individual workers, new hires will get more hours and you will get cut
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Working here was a great experience. Dealing with the public was defiantly one of the highlights, Seeing drivers happy and relieved after you've helped them is defiantly satisfying.
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Pluses and minuses are certainly present here. Some days its good, but other days it's totally sideways and you have no idea what to expect. wouldn't recommend management
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Productive and good hours , nice learning experience .

Load up Roofing material , measure and cut square feet 20 to 40 feet depending on helpers or journeyman , learning how to take old roof off dispose it and lay down new roof by layers 1 to 5 layers and doing shingled roofing mostly ripping and prepping ,
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Don’t recommend.

Management needs to be changed. Manager doesn’t care about anything you say, If it isn’t his way it’s no way. Pay is not worth living off of. Shifts do not communicate with each other so if something breaks you will not know until a customer tells you.
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A place to learn with a decent crew. Always on your feet during the day meeting new people. It's a good place to learn and grow a bit. Too many full time people, so part time hours are next to none
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Wouldn't recommend

I worked for this company on and off for a year due to medical reasons. I eventually had to leave as there was very little structure. Management was soft and in my humble opinion was not the right store leader. Staff were aloud to do pretty much anything they wanted and when coached on proper store policy and behavior, it was ignored. Health benefits were good, I will say that. Staff was not properly disciplined for continuous infractions of policy and etiquette
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Love the people i work with good place to work a meet New people good management love the employees i work with if i could i would go back working with this team
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Typical day, arrive to work. See what previous has done, what next needs to be done. Begin the day cleaning store, washroom facilities,changing garbage. Cleaning fuel pumps and area.
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