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4,0Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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productive and fun work place with equipment to relax at rest hours

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its fun working with the aged as they need help just like children.I enjoy doing the night shift though I worked all the three shifts of work.I begin my night shifts always with an overall check on all my residences to see if they are sleeping in good positions and that there was no items left at their reach that could be harmful.Next is my turn in all my rooms changing those that need to be changed as well as reminding those that need to be reminded to visit the washroom.I then check and do the equired lundry and thereafter rearranged the clothes.Always there to respond to my residences if they ring and doing the turns as required.The most enjoyable part of the job is when no resdence messes up the bed requiring that I change the sheets while he or she is in the bed.This of course is difficult and sometimes some of the residence are aggresive and not ready to cooprate.Lastly ,in the morning before leaving at 7 AM,there is a lot of pressure trying to prepare about four residences before leaving and on time.Some don,t even want to get out of bed and others not wanting to wear their clothes.On one morning I had it not easy when I took a residence to the bathroom for her bath and she was not ready to coorprate.The residence was capable of moving but as I lifted her from her wheel chair and was about to place her on the bathtop,she refused to move and i almost broke my back trying to manage her weight by not letting her to fall down with me as I held her so firmly .At the end of the day,I learned to always give a bed bath to her and others that behave same.

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less tiring

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long hours and sleepless nights
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