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Calgary, AB17 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Overall nice people

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Very cohesive place to work at. My manager and I are like friends, and my door is always open to my team members - including my indirect reports. I did see one arrogant guy from headoffice but that is only a small part of my experience.
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It started well with great c workers and nice environment till most left and workload was shared among the few left. Doing 12 hours is okay but if nights are not for you , this would be a bad place
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Extremely physical. High rate of turnover because of extreme physical output

Wrong place for a female. Women are given the hardest jobs in the entire place. Carry 20-40 lbs spools all day for 12 hour shifts. When it comes to lay offs... No one is safe!!

Points positifs

Free lunch fridays

Points négatifs

12 hour shifts 7 at night to 7 in morning all weekend
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Safety Focused, Great Wages and Challenging Hierarchy Growth, kept it Interesting.

Originally obtained the interview through an Outsourcing Employment Company, and fromt he day I started, until my last they maintained wonderful Safety Policies, hands down taught me on how a company should properly put Production Procedures in place and how they need to be created. Continental Shifts were the only dilemma most face. I never minded it myself, but when Overtime was available and taken it began to take a hard toll on your body. The training system, and employment advancement was absolutely amazing and was challenging which kept me interested. The Supervisors were all very thorough and tried their hardest to make it work for their teams. Unfortunately the OIL issues occurring in the world at that time presently cause for myself and another 150 persons to be laid off on the same day, I miss that place.

Points positifs

Great pay, Challenging, Good people overall

Points négatifs

Continental shifts, yearly layoffs with fluctuating OIL values
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great company to work for

It was a great company to work for. It has great benefits, great morale and supervisors that really care about the safety of their employees. sad that the economy has had such a downturn.
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good place to work, good supervisors,long hours

long hours learned how pipes were made nice supervisor coworkers were friendly hardest part of job working night shift wrapping pipe on reel

Points positifs

decent pay and benefits

Points négatifs

continental shift
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While working at Flexpipe i gained many valuable skills

I enjoyed working at Flex pipe. I liked working with my team mates, we had different skills to contribute, I achieved a sense of accomplishment in learning pipe production and quality control. Management was always there to provide support, and every Wednesday they provided pizza for all the workers.
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Great place. Good focus on HSE

PM, CM, troubleshooting, repair, installation of equipment. Very focused on safety and well being of all employee's. Upper management is very transparent with the rest of the company and keep everyone in the loop.
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Labour intensive

Fabrication plant of reeled pipe on a production line which included hydro burst tests for research and development department.

Points positifs

continental shift work

Points négatifs

Lots of fiber glass
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Good work place

they have showed me that the company is there for you in any way or form. it is a fun place to work. workers there are friendly and willing to help any time.
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Good company liked working there

I would recommend Flexpipe Systems. The sales group had a very collegial atmosphere. Sales at Flexpipe allowed you to work through complete project cycles including trips to the field and working with technical experts. Very fulfilling.
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Daily duties

Ensuring the manufacturing of quality product through Hydrotest of oil and gas pipe line. Ensure paperwork is complete for third party inspector.

Points positifs

Strong team environment

Points négatifs

Over time
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Good Place to Work

Carry out maintenance of the plant. Contact and control of visiting contractors. Good hands on Management. Willing coworkers. Good staff participation
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Physical, fast paced shift work

Ensure timely delivery of finished product Driving forklift working in a fast paced setting
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Great place to work, Management needs some changing

FlexPipe is a relatively young company. They have great growth. Some management personnel are not what they lead you to believe.
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All staff are great to work with

Typical work day is fast paced and very interesting. Lots to earn everyday. Management is a great resource to further your knowledge of their products. All co-workers are always willing to help each other.
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not productive

not good management nor HR department and dose not work safelt at alll

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