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Director (Calgary)

le 16 avril 2022

Overall nice people

Very cohesive place to work at. My manager and I are like friends, and my door is always open to my team members - including my indirect reports. I did see one arrogant guy from headoffice but that is only a small part of my experience.

Machine Operator (Calgary, AB)

le 21 mars 2024


It started well with great c workers and nice environment till most left and workload was shared among the few left. Doing 12 hours is okay but if nights are not for you , this would be a bad place

Machine Operater (Calgary, AB)

le 9 novembre 2021

Extremely physical. High rate of turnover because of extreme physical output

Wrong place for a female. Women are given the hardest jobs in the entire place. Carry 20-40 lbs spools all day for 12 hour shifts. When it comes to lay offs... No one is safe!!

Operator Level 2 (Calgary, AB)

le 21 juin 2020

Safety Focused, Great Wages and Challenging Hierarchy Growth, kept it Interesting.

Originally obtained the interview through an Outsourcing Employment Company, and fromt he day I started, until my last they maintained wonderful Safety Policies, hands down taught me on how a company should properly put Production Procedures in place and how they need to be created. Continental Shifts were the only dilemma most face. I never minded it myself, but when Overtime was available and...

Maintenance Data Coordinator (Calgary, AB)

le 31 décembre 2016

great company to work for

It was a great company to work for. It has great benefits, great morale and supervisors that really care about the safety of their employees. sad that the economy has had such a downturn.

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