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Local management is excellent, company's not so much

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Good work life balance. No HR on site, no idea how to contact the department either. Payroll always having issues, not transparent, difficult to keep track of unpaid time or if they finally paid out unless you pull out your calculator and spend hours trying to understand what's happening in your pay. Most fellow employees and management are great to work with.

Points positifs

Work life balance

Points négatifs

Benefits need improvement, too much micro managing from corporate
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Poor culture and standard for ethics

First Transit is a company like any other. It treats its employees like a number and does not have any respect for its workers rights. It needs to take a long look at its ethics and work toward becoming a more supportive employer.

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Points négatifs

Long hours with no significant bonuses or motivation to work hard
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People try hard but corporate culture is cheap

There are some great employees here. Wages are below industry average, whichmakes it hard to attract and retain good staff. A lot of office and driver turnover.
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Friendly work atmosphere

Everyone works together to help make it a very productive workday. If you have a question or concern, management is always eager to help. I feel valued for the work that I preform as a transit driver.
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High stress low pay

No actual defined job description and no coaching of company philosophy or expectations. High staff turnover for a reason. The clientele was nice but the staffs level of entitlement was very noticeable.Lots of work if you want it do to high absenteeism on a weekly basis.
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Helping people

Pros....helping people with disabilities, driving, work on your ownCons....low pay for work performed, too long to wait for benefits, non guaranteed hours to start
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Very cliquey and dead end

Working in the Victoria BC for awhile and this local office has gone downhill quickly . Many staff quitting and communication is pretty much non existent. Asked to work overtime quite a bit but now people burning out .
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Fair and approachable management

Fleet is well maintained, Management is approachable and fair. Can take time to get a balanced full time work schedule depending on position. Most drivers enjoy the job but there is little opportunity for other positions.

Points positifs

Union wages in certain positions
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High stress environment

They require you to be good at dealing with all sorts of general public including but not limited to those with mental health issues various addictions.
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Not a fun place

The pay was good , lots of people were friendly to your face but talked behind your back . At first management was very good but we’re then replaced with total narcissistic and vindictive manager who would do anything to upset the work place. They lost the contract because of bad management

Points positifs

Camp food

Points négatifs

14 days straight
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Lack of Respect for Employees and Seriously underpaid.

The company has typical corporate politics. They are all about saving their own behinds and they do not actually respect their workers. It's all about the bottomline. Forget about taking time off... they will burn you down to the ground. Terrible company to work for.
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Ok job if you're single

Pay is on the low end of the scale. On call so basically have no life because if you miss or turn down a couple calls you go to the bottom of the list. Then you graduate to spare board which is just another way full time without benefits. And even though it's a union position the Union caters to the management.

Points positifs

Work alone, meet new people every day, no two days are the same.

Points négatifs

Poor pay, no work/life ballance until you hit full-time which takes a couple years, management will say one thing and do opposite, failure to modernize systems and equipment.
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First Group Ruthless and dishonest....

All Management are good speakers but don't care one bit for the health and safety of their employees. Political and well versed in the buracracy...OVER ALL BAD EMPLOYER
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It will be your fault

These people are the worst humans on the face of the planet!! They will always blame you and it will never be their fault. You will do everything by the book, but because there is a complaint that makes them look bad, they will say you did it wrong and suspend you. Safety is something they talk about but never practice. Because fixing things costs them money. They make money by taking it off the backs of their workers. I reiterate. Horrible people!!!!

Points positifs

They pay

Points négatifs

Everything else.
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Do not come to work here if you do not want to sell your soul to the company store

The management culture is the employee is always in the wrong. Very poor management. The company does not back its unionized employees. It is such a shame. There are so many great drivers that have been snubbed by management that are just trying to do their job in a thankless environment. Please reach out to a transit driver before you apply.

Points positifs

growing industry

Points négatifs

very poorly managed.
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very professional place safety is part of the culture initially very little choice in shifts but it quickly improves as new staff come on board with new expansion of fleet and facilities
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A former employee in Kelona this management system is all politics the job is very stressful it’s a popularity contest there’s no rules or regulations that are consistent the calibre of this company is a -1 Management does not care about the employees

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Poorly Run

Simple straight forward job, Pay is really good. Union seems too busy fighting for poweramungst eachother to do anything and treated like trash from managment and coworkers. There doesn't appear to be a single happy employee there. not worth the higher pay.
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Great company

Top notch management... great benefits.. exceptional training provided ... Bonuses every year... management cared about employees and their families
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Might have been good

Management was very disorganized. After a full week of full time training and without a break was put onto a full time position, not even a days break. Was not ready for a full week. Days are long as the shifts are all split. Like many others before me I was set up to fail.
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Bad management

Definitely the worst company I have ever worked for. Promises never fulfilled, Dog eat Dog management, unrealistic expectations and lots of in-house fighting. Kamloops First Transit is run by an overbearing highly unliked woman who is basically a puppet for the regional manager. When it comes right down to it she has no cahonas and will stab you in the back first chance she gets. The upper management responsible for this location are people you would never hang with in the real world. The Regional Maintenance Manager is a joke. Can't contact him unless you're in "his group". Way too concerned about his own life than what's best for the company. The shop is totally manipulated by one of the more senior mechanics. A person not to be trusted. Do not work for this screwed up company.
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