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Le bonheur au travail

Notes basées sur environ 19 réponses apportées à l'enquête d'Indeed sur le bonheur au travail
La plupart du temps, les employés se sentent-ils bien au travail?
Les employés peuvent-ils généralement éviter le stress au travail?
Les employés parviennent-ils à atteindre la plupart de leurs objectifs au travail?

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    Shuttle Bus Driver (CNRL Horizon )
    le 16 octobre 2021
    Knowledgeable and competent management
    Safety is a priority. Along with a knowledgeable management makes for a stress free workplace environment.Co- workers are friendly and helpful and as a new hire I found them more than willing to answer any questions.
    Driver/Monitor (Bowmanville)
    le 8 septembre 2021
    Worst Place Ever
    The only positives about this job were the kids and the ability to have an awesome work/life balance. Management and Union are both beyond horrible and just like the unappreciated employees it is a continual revolving door.They repeatedly put you on a route and then within days they take it away and then refuse to return calls when questioned on their actions which is most likely one of the reasons they are always crying for drivers. The union reps also ignore emails inquiring about violations.
    Driver/Operator (Bonnyville, AB)
    le 2 août 2021
    Thankless job with poorly skilled management.
    Poor training for workers and disorganized management style. Management had little regard for the worker's need to comply with provincial regulations. If they needed you to do something to cover their mistakes, you needed to do it, even if compromised your compliance with regs. One time they left me out on the side of the road in -40 degrees with a bus that wouldn't start for 4 hours. I dared not file a grievance for fear of reprisals. It was a weak union and a capricious manager. Bad combination. Combine that with poor pay and terrible hours, it shouldn't take long for anyone to realize they can do better.
    City of Kelowna Public Transit Driver (Kelowna, BC)
    le 19 juillet 2021
    I worked for this employer for 14 years. The previous employer was incredible. Since First has taken over the contract the place has become very toxic. Love working here at one time. Never want to go anywhere else. Left as soon as I could.
    Bus driver. (Windsor, ON)
    le 25 mars 2021
    Very difficult to work with the managers, they have no management skill or problem solving skills
    Get up very early for a bus route that starts any when from 6:30 am, get back to the parking location at around 9:15 am. Go home.Get back to the parking location at 1:30pm to do second portion of route.Get back to parking location at 4:15pm.Go home.

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    Primarily if I was experience bus driver and had credentials to prove it

    Publié le 1 juin 2018

    Standard driver interview process. Inquiry on the individual's abstract, customer service experience and confidence.

    Publié le 7 mars 2018

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