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Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez Firehouse Subs?

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  • Applied on indeed, got an email and suitable interview time, interview with great questions about you and the company (excellent way of collaboration and getting to know more than you did before) after being accepted there was a small celebration. Personally from my experience it was about 1 or 2 weeks to get hired.

  • In most cases, it takes roughly a week from the time you receive a response on your resume to the time you're working your first shift, give or take a few days. If management is interested in your application, they will contact you by phone to schedule an interview at the earliest mutual convenience. If they are satisfied with your interview, you will most likely be given material about the menu to study. Once you feel you are ready, you can call to arrange your menu test, or they may call you if they don't hear back within a few days. If management is satisfied with your menu knowledge to start, you can expect your first shift to be scheduled within a few days.

  • I was in and out in 30 minutes.

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