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À propos de l'entreprise

  • PDG
    Trevor Fencott
  • Taille de l'entreprise
    501 à 1000
  • Chiffre d'affaires
    100 $ à 500 $ millions (CAD)
  • Secteur d'activité
    Vente au détail et en gros
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Retail Associate (Strathmore, AB)
le 18 février 2021
Ideal community to grow in.
Fire & Flower is Canada's Cannabis Company. You will learn each day, if you want to.You can challenge yourself, if you want to.You will personally grow, if you want to.It's retail folks, comes with highs (get it!) and lows. Much of it is the attitude you bring to the table. The management team, I know, has an open door policy. They are supportive, amazing and give you the energy when you need it most. A day in the shop is happy, sometimes difficult and always rewarding.You have to love what you do to be happy where you are, this management team and fellow leads or cannistas can help you get to that point. Trust the process...
Cannista (Yorkton, SK)
le 7 octobre 2021
An exceptional work place if your familiar with retail
Absolutely loving my time at fire and flower. Other people like to complain that its a "revolving door" of customers but thats literally every single retail job.If you click with your team your going to have a great time! Met lots of amazing people and days usually fly by because its a fun environment!Be prepared to learn hundreds of products and know how to describe them accurately to customers.
Lead Educator (Vancouver, BC)
le 21 septembre 2021
Stay away from this organization.
Simply put, after a successful 30 year career as an executive leader, I thought I’d go do a part time retirement gig selling cannabis. The store manager had potential, but after 8 months I issued my notice. This is the least courageous and most elitist and arrogant management team I have ever encountered. Nothing even resembling an open door policy from above the store GM. You’ll see posters all over the walls about culture and values. What good are those if the organization doesn’t live them?
canista (Chatham-Kent, ON)
le 25 juin 2021
Revolving door
Pay is good, company is poorly run. They interviewed me on a tuesday, hired on wednesday, started on a Thursday. Training was to be Thursday friday, monday Tuesday and Wednesday, they changed it to all over the place, with no notice. Lack of communication makes it hard to rearrange schedules for other jobs and daycares. They just dont give a darn about anything. One minute your awesome, the next you're doing everything wrong, with little to no guidance on how to do your job properly. If you take a job here, make sure you dont quit another one, because one day your there and the next you're out the door.
Finance (Toronto, ON)
le 22 mai 2021
Disorganized, chaotic, and awful place to work
The leadership team at this place is absolutely awful. VPs and above are among the least knowledgeable, most disorganized business people I've met. My direct leader during my time here was under handed, bad at her job and attempted to blame fault at her team.I'll be honest with you this is not a company that cares about it's people. That's the truth.

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Publié le 10 juillet 2020

How much weed do you smoke? Your answer should be none, but tell them you will jump when they say jump and that you will never complain about your unsafe working environment or that you are working a few hours a week and are not allowed to work for other cannabis companies at the same time. Tell them you can get by on $30 a week no problem and are available 9am through 11pm every single day. That's who they want to hire. A slave.

Publié le 31 mai 2020

Not much, she forgot all the interview questions and paperwork so just kinda winged it for like five minutes and then dismissed me...

Publié le 26 mai 2020

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