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3,9Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Fidelity has a professional and motivating environment.
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Couldn't Ethically Continue Working Here

I saw such a culture of "get new clients for more commissions" instead of serve the people we have. If customers only knew they wouldn't choose to invest with Fidelity. There are all kinds of hidden fees being taken from customers accounts. Management funds customer service lightly with intention - less requests might equal more profit for Fideltiy. Certain customer service issues received attention if it convinced the customer not to move funds from Fidelity Proprietary or managed funds. All a money grab.

Points positifs

Honestly, nothing when you consider ethical business practices.

Points négatifs

Treatment of customers.
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Emplois et carrières chez Fidelity Investments

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Innovative and supportive

Started as student and got hired as full time employee. Great environment so far and would like to update more as my role ages. The department is relative new and has a lot of potential to grow.
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The worst experience of my working life

I worked in the Canada office for 6 months for the IT department. The department was under skilled and over worked. There was also a culture of bullying which came from senior managers. It was the worst experience of my working life and I would never go back and work for them again.

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Points négatifs

Culture of bullying
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High Energy Work Place

I am currently working with FIS to provide efficient and effective service to the existing clients to consolidate our closing Data Centers. Working as a front-end communication channel among FIS and client’s stakeholders to perform successful and timely migration activities from source to target data centers. Dealing with multiple clients such as: Capital One Bank, Northwest Savings Bank, Sun Guard, American Express, ACI Worldwide, Flushing Bank, Barclays Bank, West Fargo Bank and other medium to large financial institutions.
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Informations sur Fidelity Investments

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  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
  • Soutien du responsable
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Great benefits and courses

People are friendly and helpful. Great work/life balance. I would stay because of the benefit but the wages in advancement does not meet market salary.

Points positifs

lots of free perks

Points négatifs

Low wage
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Informations available on CV. company as a whole is quite good in terms of benefits but inter department politics always leave a sour taste in ones mouth, especially when you are not even involved in the first instance

Points positifs

good benefit, top class training

Points négatifs

the team you get placed in can actually hinder your progression
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Environnement de travail très agréable et professionnel

J'ai eu l'occasion de travailler avec des cadres de hauts niveaux au sujet de la collaboration du cycle de vie de l’administration complète des investissements des clients et le consultation en gestion des projets. J’ai eu des formations intéressantes et j’ai travaillé avec des équipes en Inde et en Angleterre. Ce qui m’a permis d’avoir une ouverture sur plusieurs cultures.

Points positifs

Tickets resto -camping- party -assurance maladie- Bonus
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Fidelity Invesments (Health and Insurance)

I have learned and provided best customer service to General motors employees over the phone. I have learned employee life insurance benefits and health and insurance. Fidelity had an excellent team of managers. I have worked closely with managers to assist the new hire teams. During the normal work day I have had created manger work items, tickets. I provided technical support to our customers over the phone. I had great relationship with my co-workers. Hardest part of the job was dealing with irate customers over the phone. I am very patient and I have a great customer skills to deal with any type of customers. I loved working for fidelity investments.
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Excellent company

Excellent company to work for. Great benefits, company culture. Work life balance. Flexible hours. Job Advancement.
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Solid company w/ nice benfits

Fidelity is a leader in the financial services industry. The firm provides its employees with opportunities to service clients either in the local branches or over the phone in the capacity of a service representative or as a wealth planner. There are also opportunities to specialize in more niche areas such as fixed income, annuities, mutual funds, etc.
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Giant Mutual Funds and Investment Company

- good starting point for young professional - provide good training - good for people who wants to head into investment area
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